Week 3: Fight to the Finish Results ‘Wide Open’

Wow, is it really 1/2 way to the end of Fight to the Finish? You’ve gotta be joking me!

I have had such an intense past two weeks emotionally..and school is crackin’ up. But you know what…FOOD isn’t my vice!!!!!! (did I just write that?) I actually need to thank Ryan and tell him that doing Fight to the Finish has been the best thing for me…seriously!!!

This weekend I went away and can I just say that I ate intuitively the whole entire time? It included 2/3 of a bottle of wine one night and 2 glasses the other. But I only ate when I was hungry. I listened to my body. I also didn’t want to leave…why would you?

Ok, let’s get onto it…

Starting weight: 90.2kg/198.44lbs
Last Week: 88.6kg/194.9lbs
This Week: 87.2kg/191.8lbs
Total loss this week: 1.4kg/3.1lbs
Total overall loss:2.8kg/6.2lbs

Ultimate Goal: 77kg/169lbs
Need to lose from start weight of 90.2kg: 13.2kg/29lbs
13.2kg-2.8kg=10.4kg left to lose


Percentage of my ‘need to lose’ that I’ve lost so far: (2.8/13.2)x100= 21.2%

HOLY BALLS! That’s 1/5th of the way there. I AM ONE-FIFTH OF THE WAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I know that I am harping on Ryan via twitter, but I hope that he kicks my ass…I’d hate for him to lose to a girl.

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

8 thoughts on “Week 3: Fight to the Finish Results ‘Wide Open’

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    1/5th of the way! woohoo! congrats!

    i’m not sure which is more impressive – the loss, or eating intuitively while you were away! they are both fabulous accomplishments!

    keep on rockin it girl!

  2. Helen says:

    You go girl! Congrats on yet another great week. I LOVE that you’re being your honest self and having such great success.

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