Saturday Song: Rat In A Cage

Cause I feel like I am a rat in the cage with studying…I couldn’t deny a little Smashing Pumpkins for you.

Ok, it’s a bit creepy…but man it’s how I feel

How would you sum YOU up with a song?

Drowning in Pharmacology

5 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Rat In A Cage

  1. HereticPrincess says:

    Definitely “Slaves Of The World” by Old Man’s Child
    because I was “born in the circle of lies and
    betrayed by god”!

    1. Slaves Of The World

    A curse of the fallen
    That once died in wars
    In battlegrounds of hades
    A legacy is born
    In the storms of the fire
    The burning crusade
    Soldiers in black
    Enslaved by their hatred
    Death is now bound to this world
    Breeding the spawn, the ones named mankind
    One life forced to exist
    In the circle of lies
    Betrayed by god

    Slaves of the world

    Black is the dawn
    That arises from hell and beyond
    Dark is the day that possesses
    The souls to decay
    Far away from a past to remember
    The spawn embraces the world
    Far into a future of pain
    Life goes on, destined to fail

  2. Blubeari says:

    Ah… that song brings me back 🙂 I’m a 90s rocker at heart.

    But the song that sums me up would be Crushed and Created by Caitlyn Smith

    “We are crushed and created
    Melted and made
    Broken and built up in the very same way
    What I thought I could handle
    What I thought I could take
    What I thought would destroy me
    Leaves me stronger in its wake”

  3. beverlee says:

    I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve listened to this song…blaring with the windows open…jetting down the freeway!

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