Week 4: Fight to the Finish ‘Public Service Announcement’

Lets cut to the chase

I gained… .1kg (.2lbs). Not huge…considering my past two losses.

Starting weight: 90.2kg/198.44lbs
Last Week: 87.2kg/191.8lbs
This Week: 87.3kg/192.0lbs
Total loss this week: +.1kg/.2lbs
Total overall loss:2.9kg/6.4lbs

Ultimate Goal: 77kg/169lbs
Need to lose from start weight of 90.2kg: 13.2kg/29lbs
13.2kg-2.9kg=10.3kg left to lose


Percentage of my ‘need to lose’ that I’ve lost so far: (2.9/13.2)x100= 22%


I have messed with my head a bit. I have had two shocking days of eating, tears, and honestly the ‘I can’t’ swirling around in my brain. I shut my WHOLE life down including taking care of myself for studying, and I realised that it’s just not worth it.

This is when, as my Grandpa would say, ‘it separates the men from the boys’. So I suppose it’s the fork in the road and it’s my time to choose to go back to old beahaviours…or move on for once and good.

In my attempt to keep myself going I have done the following

1. Decided to STICK to running the 14.5km race next Sunday even though I have taken a good 1 1/2 weeks break from running. (I do this often. When I am close to the end of something and/or I am ahead of schedule, I quit. I am working on this) BECAUSE IT SCARES ME and I need to face it down.

2. I have gotten out some stuff that has me mentally tied down..amazing friends

3. Made a little public service announcement!

So off to run my ass off, put the cookies down, and remember that ultimately I am in this for me!

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

5 thoughts on “Week 4: Fight to the Finish ‘Public Service Announcement’

  1. RNegade says:

    OMG! Your PSA had me laughing my ass off. You are so awesome. The snarky sassy STRONG woman in you prevails. You gotta see that that.

    In fact, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You shine.

    • Mish says:

      Thanks Diane. I think that I am getting to the place where it’s for me..and not for anything else. I run your e-mail through my head a lot, that you wrote, it really did make me think.

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