One Body

What if I told you that you only have one go?

The way you treat











your body…is essential.


I have spent a majority of my life disconnected from my body. Emotionally quadripeligic

I sat outside last night shoving ice cream in my face, in the light of the moon and I said a prayer. Actually I just surrendered to my faith, God, but more importantly to my body.

I want to AM start feeling my body.
To start reconnecting with it.
For me, that’s through my faith.

For you…

You only have one go….

How are you and your body going?

I have surrendered and it feels amazing

3 thoughts on “One Body

  1. missyrayn says:

    So powerful Mish. I disconnect from my body when I feel pain and therefore eat myself into oblivion. Last night I recognized this and stopped. I am eating to feed my soul not my negativity.

  2. Karena says:

    Thought-provoking. I spent the majority of my life disconnected from my body as well. In fact, I’d say we’re on good terms for the first time since about age seven! I still eat too much/drink too much/make poor decisions, but I also am treating myself with so much more love and respect than I ever have.

  3. Miz says:

    OKAY YES!!!

    that is totally it.
    for me the weight loss came AFTER I began to live in my body for a while.
    felt how it felt without, for me, even changing a thing.
    no exercise or clean eating (I was in college so lottsa beer and little sleep :)).

    and *then* I found I wanted to change my path not for the scale but for the energy vitality and less moodiness it would bring me.

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