Big Boobs

I remember going through the book store and being intrigued by this book written by Ariel Levy

The colour, the ‘girl’ and the TITLE. be honest. I read it about 1 year ago and have referenced it before because I think it has so many grains of truth in it that one post won’t do it justice. I don’t like to get on soap boxes much…unless it’s about me not hounring my body because frankly we all are entitled to opinions.

BUT COME ON WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the HELL are we doing to ourselves?

Miss America talking about her dehydration techniques, diet of egg whites, and how she can finally eat carbs and pizza
Seven year olds dancing like hoochies (granted they CAN dance)
Tiaras and Toddlers
Heidi Montag
where does it end?

My Grandmother is from a generation of women that could barely get out of high school before getting married. Now to go to college/university to pursue something beyond their duties (of which I am not going to bash). However, the feminism movement on many levels FOUGHT for OUR rights to equality of education, treatment, wage, rights, humanity.

Granted, and I am not going to argue the level of this equality that has or hasn’t been given, but I think that WOMEN are ROBBING themselves of this hard fought mission of our fore-mothers.

We as women have created a culture of over-sexualised, de-intellectualized, ‘perfect’ images that feed into the minds of the innocent, old, young, middle-aged, single, college bound, newly wed, wed forever WOMEN. We as WOMEN pour our hearts, money, blogs, sanity, identity into capatalising (in so MANY ways) upon the ‘trashy’ culture that we have created for ourselves. We are ‘equal’ to men on many levels and yet we still feel the need to put effort into this crap.

As Ariel Levy writes (pg 44)

Raunch culture feels perhaps the most alien to aging hippie like my parents–they are all for free love, but none if this looks loving to them; it looks scary, louche, incomprehensible.

My Grandma, my Mom, my aunts didn’t fight so that I could identify and/or live in a culture of Women who embraced raunch. I am NOT saying that you do and I know that I am ‘preaching to the choir’ on this one.

We can’t sit back and blame

‘The Times’
Kids these days

It’s US, RIGHT NOW, who have the choice every single day to choose the road which doesn’t overtly sexualise ourselves and makes all ALL of that has been fought for to ensure our equality based upon an outward appearance that someone else thinks is important.

And, in a way, the emergence of a women-backed trash culture is a rebellion against the values of feminism, egalitarianism, and antimaterialism.

No longer do we celebrate women for the accomplishments only…they need to look good.
No longer do we embrace women who decide to have families…they need to be ‘yummy mommies’
No longer do we let little girls dance because they want to dance…they need to dance like Beyonce
No longer do we have beauty pageants with curvy women…they need to starve themselves
No longer do we as a culture of women support each other…we nit-pick every imperfection

It makes my blood boil hotter then the intensity of a thousand blazing suns. I can’t stand it and it wants to make me puke. We point our finger at everyone else, whilst we buy into the perfection crap that is shoved in our faces by WOMEN models, magazine editors, clothing designers, casting agents, celebrities, paparazzi, music execs and our own mental games. It’s WOMEN who have to lead this change..and it starts…WITH YOU.

Passion isn’t the point. The glossy, overheated thumping of sexuality in our culture is less about connection than consumption. Hotness has become our cultural currency, and a lot of people spend a lot of time and a lot of regular, green currency trying to acquire it. Hotness is not the same things as beauty, which has been valued throughout history. Hot can mean popular. Hot can mean talked about. But when it pertains to women, hot means two things in particular: fuckable and salable. (pg. 31)

I do NOT want you to think that I am advising that following

Throwing yourself away and just saying F-it…I don’t care
Not taking care of your health
Not feeling your best and looking your best
Shutting your soul down
Losing your spirit
Taking pride in who you are, how you look and how you carry yourself

What I am saying is that if we continue to engage in behaviour as women where we dumb-down the intellectual, human right, equality that was passionately fought for us…so that we can look hot, fit in with the boys and be an object…then we have taken away everything that has been given to us.

I now have three little nieces (one just born yesterday)

I don’t want to raise them to be strong, independent, beautiful, individual, feisty women…so that they can toss that aside and tell me that they need bigger boobs.

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

13 thoughts on “Big Boobs

  1. Dinneen @ Eat Without Guilt says:

    This has got to me one of the most insightful, open and honest post I’ve seen in a while. You’ve really stepped it up and exposed something — that we, as women, need to take some personal responsibility in all of this.

    As a women in my early 40’s (yes, I put it out there) I don’t understand today’s ‘culture’ of women and girls….especially the young girls. They fight with each other, get boob jobs (like at 17 yrs old!), are ‘giving it up’ to boys because they want to be popular, and dancing like whores. Okay, i sound like an old lady and yes, these things did happen even in the ‘old days’….

    But we keep BUYING into the whole ‘rauch’ as the author put it. We need to start teaching our girls that what lies beneath is what really matters. And we need to start supporting each other — instead of seeing another woman as the enemy. We need to start taking responsibility.

    Sure, the media, men and society do play a part — but it all starts with us. And like you so nicely said — the women before us did not fight, and fight really hard, for us to treat ourselves (and each other) this way.

    Thanks for this very eye-opening and truthful post!!

    • Mish says:

      Thank you for this reply. I tried to not make it too heavy, but as you have said, it’s something which needs to be discussed on so many levels because it’s starving women of their potential and feeding them lies.

  2. Beth says:

    If they don’t objectify us, they don’t know what to do with us. I’m referring to the media with that, but I agree that we bear a lot of the responsibility for this too, just by buying into it and perpetuating it through our daughters.

    I feel sad for women whose entire self-worth is tied up in their “hotness factor.” There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but when looking good is *all* you want, that’s a problem.

  3. Brandon says:

    Great post, all so very true. The current state of feminism really is pretty sad. I have a 5 month old daughter, and I hope to raise her to be a strong independant woman who is healthy and proud of the body she has, without obsessing over wanting bigger boobs.

  4. Esther Crawford says:

    All true. I think the old adage ‘sex sells’ answers the ‘why do women do this to themselves?’. If you’re desperately wanting attention – sexualizing yourself is a quick way to get it.

  5. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    This post is incredible timing for me, as my 40th birthday is tomorrow and I have this thought in my mind to set myself free from all of the BS!! That is what I want being 40 to be about for me….embracing me, and not worrying so much about all of this crap. Hopefully I can be a good (and have been) example for my 13yr old.

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