14.5 Glorious kms–Race Re-Cap

All I can say is that when you want to run a race, you probably shouldn’t go out drinking huge on a Friday night and then out late-ish the night before.

HOWEVER…it can be done πŸ™‚

I totally almost bailed on this run, and then my trainer sorted me out and my ass was UP this morning. I didn’t want to go…it was windy, cold, rainy and my body hasn’t properly slept due to being too social these past two nights.

I fueled on gluten free chocolate pancakes–not a great choice. Had nothing else in the house to be honest and I needed something in my tummy.

I got my i-pod sorted and knew that my song list would get me through.

We got to the race and honestly I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be in my bed and I was exhausted. My tummy started hurting as well. Awesome.

We got into line and then it hit me…I AM GOING TO DO THIS.

The run-down….14.5km’s worth

1- Feeling good, but it is only 1km in?
2-God it’s cold. I stopped for about 4 minutes and thought I needed to use the toilet, but I didn’t. I just ignored it.
3-I would normally be turning around right now
4-Ok, you are feeling good
5-1/3 of the way there
6-Feeling great
7-This is hard work and I want to quit, but I am HALF-WAY
9-You have 5km left, give it your best
10-I have been here before, but I still have a bit more to do and it’s getting really REALLY windy
11- It’s officially windy, keep your head down and don’t think about it
12-I have NEVER EVER ran further than this in my whole life–can I do it?
13- There’s a girl, talk to her, you need it. She goes ‘it’s only 1.5km left, we can’t stop’–SHE RIGHT..not stopping. I loop around and see the stadium and I want to bolt.
14- HOLY SHIT I am actually here…now just a bit further

I see the finish line and just run. Open up, full throttle. It was glorious and I could have ran more. But I was SO proud of myself!!!!!!!!!! I think that my time was about 1:25 (minus the toilet break) my goal was under 1:30…and I did it!!!

I came home and went to the toilet and saw blood in my urine. I have NEVER seen anyone write about this before…and I freaked. What was going on with me. So I googled it.

Therefore, if you develop haematuria, avoid urinating immediately before the start of a marathon and see if that helps. The presence of some urine in the bladder will help prevent the bladder walls from making contact with each other.

I did that. No urine in my bladder and probably not at the highest level of hydration. I am ok now…so if this happens to you don’t freak πŸ™‚

This race was easy on some levels and hard on others. I had A LOT of mental chatter going on in my mind. I had to shut it out. I have pushed myself beyond any ANY level of racing before in my whole life. The level of being scared because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it perfectly almost had me not running this race. The thing is, is that WE DON’T HAVE TO BE PREFECT! You just have to try!!!!!!!!!

I ran across that finish line and smiled, actually jumped! This race was for me! I did it!

Harnessing A DEEP Appreciation For My Body, My Relationship With My Body and How to Care For It

19 thoughts on “14.5 Glorious kms–Race Re-Cap

    • Mish says:

      holy terds I almost died at 14.5km…add on another 28…omg. But yeah, that would a good goal. I have 1/2 marry at end of August, then Tris in Dec-Feb and 1/2 ironman in May of next year (but don’t tell anyone). Something clicked in my head today and that was that I LOVE the idea of becoming an athlete and not just someone who passively diets to get to a weight. I want to work out..look at food as fuel and honour my body. It was an epic run…it was soo good for me.

  1. Shannon says:

    YOU DID IT!!!! Be proud Mish so proud! Just like you said you did this for you and today is a wonderful day.
    You are inspiring and so very strong! Just love ya! Congratulations!! XO

  2. simplytrece says:

    I am SO proud of you and your awesomenes!! I see that you are unleashing your inner athlete.
    You might want to check out smurfette0725 at SparkPeople.com http://bit.ly/bC6Gr3 She began running and now is certifiably an athlete, with 1/2 marathons, marathons and some kind of Ironman. You go girl!!

  3. Miz says:

    you so so so SO NAILED my race experience as well when you said easy on some levels and hard on others.


  4. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    Woohoo! Great job, Mish! And I am SO with you on having been out too late with a few drinks the night before my (much shorter race than yours!) 5K Sunday. But I finished strong. So glad you did, too – way to go!

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