8 Thoughts

  1. I had a moment of “oh shit is nursing what I really want to do?” this week
  2. I looked a chocolate chip cookies sitting on my counter and actually said to myself “you have a choice in this”
  3. I stopped eating tonight cause the chicken was disgusting
  4. I am craving working out and am beginning to realise that I want NEED it to be part of my life
  5. I am starting to see my own strength
  6. I feel like I have nothing left in the tank
  7. I have no idea why I have a scale….and yet I find comfort in it
  8. I love Mrs. Fatass


6 thoughts on “8 Thoughts

  1. Christie {Honoring Health} says:

    I understand what you mean about the scale. I still have all out wars with in sometimes. I feel so much better about myself when I don’t get on it but sometimes, the draw is too strong and it feels “normal”. It is a hard relationship.

  2. RNegade says:

    #1 is NORMAL. If you don’t feel that way at least once a week, you chose the wrong career. Nursing is for brave people. You have what it takes. And then some!

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