is induced by excessive over-thinking, over-eating, under-exercising, and under-appreciating self. listening to outside suggestions, thoughts, and false selves.

It will ruin your morning, afternoon, night–whole day if you let it. You can’t feed it chocolate, naps, or meaningless relationships.

You must be patient with it and know what YOU have to keep your heart open to your intrinsic strength.

That my lovelies is what I have been suffering today. Then it took til 2pm and complete over-eating to realise that I have COMPLETE control over my life.

I have complete control over

  • who is in my life and HOW they impact me
  • how I treat my body
  • how I treat my mental space/thoughts
  • how I live my life

I am a person who needs to ‘get out of my head’ many times. It happens enough to have to make up a definintion…I would draw a picture of a huge dinosaur that wasn’t able to do anything, because they didn’t think that they could.

Why I succumb to this, I am not exactly sure.

But, what I know is that I can now identify and re-claim my arvo and night.

How is your Funk-o-SAURUS?

Harnessing my pterodactyl

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