Changing My Form

Today is brought to you by apples, finally working out, poor form, changing my form.



Snacks x2

Snack: 1/3 of a piece of pumpkin pie..FROM scratch. You should have seen the American students when I put the rest of the pie down in from of them at lunch. All of the Australians politely declined and then the Americans swooped. They know a good thing when they see it. Also a little bit of roasted butternut squash got in so I wouldn’t eat the whole piece of pie.

Lunch: spinach salad w/ 1 TB EVOO, beets, pineapple, 1 apple, 3 oz roast beef, 1/2 cup frozen veggies

Dinner: Salad, 1 c. of rice w/ sautee veggies, 2 c. of fruit salad, 2 coffees w/ 2 TB of full cream milk and…..8 Jo Jos (bad choice)


I got to the gym and I looked at this.

I haven’t seen if for SUCH a long time, I forgot the sub-par cardio equipment and the smell of the 4:30pm sweat from everyone running/biking/ellipticalling. However, it was SO good to get back to it. I even twittered 1/2 way through, after my cardio, that it felt so good to be back at the gym, working out.

  • 27 minutes bike
    • Level Seven, Random w/ hills
  • 35 minutes weights
    • Shoulder press w/ weights (6kg)
    • Shoulder press w/ machine (15kg)
    • Bicep curls w/ weights (6kg)
    • Lat pull down w/ machine (25kg)
      • 3x @ 10 reps each
  • Abs
    • 10 reps of back extension
    • 30 normal crunches
    • 30 pulsing crunches
    • 30 butt lifters
      • 3x through


There was a girl at the gym who was doing lunges like this (this is not her, I don’t work out in driveways)

I just wanted to walk over to her and say “Honey, PLEASE give your knees a break and do lunges properly. You’re killing me!”

However, I didn’t and just tried not to focus on the fact that I really wanted to correct her. Perhaps there’s a new lunge that I am not aware of? Is this the new thing in the fitness world? Am I out of the loop?


Either way I am starting to change the focus a bit of EJ, because I am starting to change the focus in my life. I want to sort out what I am going to be doing not just for six weeks, but for my lifetime. The format will perhaps be a bit different….so bare with me. I don’t want to be a food/exercise blogger full-time. Won’t you get sick of seeing apples?

However, what I do want to do is use this space to bring up issues (like correcting total strangers) on a daily basis..with random deep posts like this one. Thank you for being there with me all the time. I have to say that Tricia @ Endurance Isn’t Only Physical is probably one of the most amazing people that I have recently started reading. Her story is just simply amazing. What’s different is that she changed her life…not just for a weight…but for a better life. That’s my aim.

So, would you correct someone at the gym? Has someone ever corrected you?

I LOVE the way I feel when I lift weights

15 thoughts on “Changing My Form

  1. Blubeari says:

    I would never correct someone at the gym mostly because I wouldn’t want to be corrected there. Believe me, though- there are times when I would like to. I have been known to shout out ‘helpful hints’ to beginning snowboarders on the bunny hill though. That is only because people did the same for me when I was starting out and I actually appreciated it. Golden rule 🙂

  2. GC says:

    Definitely do NOT correct form. I have had a creepy man do it to me and it made me incredibly uncomfortable, because then what – you correct her form and what if she doesn’t take your lesson on board? do you correct her again? are you going to watch her to make sure she does take your advice??

    all in all, it will just make her uncomfortable and ruin her good work out space and vibe.

    enough of that rant.

    Best of luck with your new focus!! I have only been reading a short while, but I think its great you are going to take it a bit easier on yourself!!

  3. Kendra says:


    I really love your blogs and I’m glad that you’re sticking around on the blogosphere. It’s good to see that people are out there who are really focusing on life changes and not just dieting.

  4. Kate says:

    Yes! I’ve been corrected at the gym, but it was by one of the two instructors who were leading our Body Pump class. Apparently I was holding my bar with my hands too close together, and they were supposed to be out at the ends by the weights. I believe it was a less a hazard-correction, and more a “if you put your hands here, you might actually build some strength in your chest” correction! I love the pics of the apples, btw, and LOVE a good homemade pumkin pie!

    • Mish says:

      word to the wise…if you’re going to make homemade pumpkin from real boil/roast the pumpkin….then place the mashed pumpkin in a strainer overnight and get all the water out…otherwise you end up with that I had…soupy bottom..not cool

  5. missyrayn says:

    I’ve never corrected anyone or been corrected but I totally want to do that all the time. It scares me what people can be doing to their bodies with improper form. I know because that’s how I messed mine up 🙂

    I also want to do this all the time at WW. People say stuff not knowing any better and I want to correct them but I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all so I keep my mouth shut and hope the leader corrects them.

  6. gemfit says:

    I’ve never actually correct anyone but boy, have I wanted to. Especially the women who get on the machines having never used them before and pump out 40 reps on the easiest weight thinking they’re doing so well. Meanwhile, their form is totally off, they’re going to do themselves an injury and never come back.

    But I’m also hyper aware that I’m not an expert by any means. I do toy with the idea of getting a personal training qualification just so I can correct with impunity 😛

    And yay to being more than just a weight/health blogger. The sum of you is so much more and people deserve to see it and you deserve to know/feel it!

    • Mish says:

      Thank you. I had this realisation this weekend that there’s a hell of a lot more to me then just trying to be perfect in two areas (weight, eating) and it’s robbing me of being holisitically happy. It’s like my identity was just that and to be honest I am exhausted of writing, talking, thinking, obsessing, identifying with just that.

  7. John says:

    I would have if it bugged me that much. If they choose not to heed your advice then you’d be satisfied you tried. I’ve been corrected and tried to correct but some things like arch my back more are tough to do.

  8. MB says:

    Ouch! My knees hurt just looking at that picture. I don’t know if I could correct her but maybe you could stand near her and do some lunges with proper form or get one of the trainers to let her know she could hurt herself.

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