Makin a Happy List

I was sitting in my room this weekend and I was pondering a couple of things.

1. Sex/Intimacy (there is an EPIC convo going about if a woman SHOULD have sex w/ their partner)

2. How I wanted to Change

3. Happiness

I sat down with a piece of white paper and a green sharpie and went to town–writing down EVERYTHING that makes me HAPPY. I have thought about showing the list, but in a moment of privacy…I am going to keep it to myself.

However, what I want to share are some photos of things which make me HAPPY.

The point of this exercise is to write down things that actually make you happy. (do it) Be very VERY aware of the things which make it on your list and those that don’t. Try not to put “not bingeing”. Instead “leaving satisfied”.

Here are some of mine:

  • Yoga
  • Leaving satisfied
  • A cold dense piece of cake
  • Intense cardio
  • Crossing a finish line
  • Holding hands
  • Homemade quilts
  • E-mailing my family
  • Sticking to a study schedule

To name a few.

The realisation that hit me over the head is that to be honest I was trying to make myself feel HAPPY with running, procrastination, bingeing followed by guilt-induced exercise….BUT NONE of it was making me happy.

If we simply start to focus on those things that actually make us HAPPY..we will start to re-focus our LIVES!

What makes you happy? What is on your list that surprises you? What doesn’t make it, that you’ve been doing?

Smellin’ the roses

if you want to send me a picture of things which make you happy…I will post… eatingjourney at

3 thoughts on “Makin a Happy List

  1. Miz says:

    This is one time Im so so grateful to be almost 41 🙂
    I am finally in the place where the things there that DONT MAKE ME HAPPY that I DO ANYWAY are life-nonnegotiables.

    What does that I dont do enough? time with friends.

    I need moremoremore of that.

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