Happy Week—join me this week :)

I think that having a week dubbed ‘Happy Week’ is a good one, considering that I am in the midst of exams and EXHAUSTED. I have asked some fellow bloggers to contribute to ‘Happy Week’ and I have an awesome giveaway that will start later this week.

I have come to the realisation, as I have spoken before, about things which make me HAPPY! I believe, I honestly do, that one of the core elements of over-coming binging, negative relationship with my body, etc. is re-focusing my life on things that I ENJOY and bring HAPPINESS…instead of doing things out of obligation, because I should, or out of punishment.

So, here’s to Happy Week. I’d love for you to join along. Perhaps it’s just a list that you write

  • Things that make me happy
  • When exercise makes me happy
  • When eating makes me happy
  • When living makes me happy

Focus on the feelings, the overall enjoyment you get, and what exactly you like doing that makes you happy.

You see, for example, running doesn’t really make me happy. I have always done running because 1. I thought that I should 2. I wanted to lose weight 3. I was punishing myself 4. ‘Everyone’ was doing it in the blogging world.

When I actually sat down to write out things that make me HAPPY, yoga/team sport/triathlons/dancing topped my list. Running was nowhere to be found. I do agree that sometimes you have to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do. However, if you have a choice..why wouldn’t you put more effort into doing things which made you HAPPY?

So..welcome to HAPPY week! Each day you’ll see one or two excerpts, photos, thoughts from people from all over the blog world. If you’d like..send me a list and/or photo and I’ll include it! eatingjourney at gmail.com

Part of my ‘Happy List’:

  • Going into an exam prepared
  • leaving a meal satisfied
  • laughing til I cry
  • a thought provoking blog post
  • worship at church
  • good coffee
  • holding hands
  • yoga
  • intense cardio
  • winning a sport game
  • a good college football game
  • cakes that rise
  • watermelon
  • blueberries
  • my grandma
  • my family

So..what’s gettin’ your HAPPY list?

Gonna laugh as much as I can today #34 ‘Laughing’

11 thoughts on “Happy Week—join me this week :)

  1. Lance says:

    Dew on the morning grass.
    A hug
    Being “goofy”.
    A walk down memory lane.

    Love the idea of “Happy Week”!!! Woo-hoo!!!

  2. Faith says:

    I’m in! My happy list:

    – Runner’s high (maybe not the act of running so much itself, but the endorphin rush and pride of completing a strong, hard run or hitting a new distance)

    – Dancing. Rhythmically-challenged-ness be damned.

    – Watching football. I’ve always loved it and always will. For that matter, going to any pro sporting event.

    – Baking brownies and eating at least half the batter straight out of the bowl.

    – Sleeping with the windows open and feeling the cool air

    – Shopping alone

    – Curling up in a corner of a jam-packed, huge old library

    – Museums

  3. Starfire says:

    I’m in too! My happy list right now:

    – When my husband tells me he loves me and hugs me

    – Curling up on a cold, rainy winter’s day with a good book and a hot cuppa

    – Watching almost anything by Joss Whedon (yes, even when he’s ripping my heart out)

    – Spending time with one or two of my really good friends

    – Having a day off work to spend on my own however I feel like

    – Sitting in a cafe and just people-watching

    – Looking back to a year or five or ten ago and realising how much I’ve changed and grown since then

    – Getting a really good massage from someone who knows what they’re doing

    – Walking. Almost anywhere (city or nature), in almost any conditions (hey, if it’s raining, I can always have a hot shower when I get home)

    – The first fresh garden peas I seen in vege shops each season. Seriously – it’s a national Starfire day of celebration

    – Listening to the rain as I’m trying to go to sleep (yep, it’s raining up a storm as I type this)

    – Weather. Of all kinds. Stormy to foggy to sunny, I get a kick out of it all.

    – The look on people’s faces when they discover I do half marathons and visibly revise their opinion of my fitness

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