‘Happy Week’ lists #1

As part of ‘Happy Week‘ I have asked bloggers to send me lists of things that make them HAPPY. Enjoy!



These things make me ENDLESSLY happy:

-roasting root vegetables (sweet potatoes, local fingerlings, beets, YUM)
-watching series of really good shows all the way through, many episodes a day
-good coffee
-hot yoga
-hula hooping + making brightly colored hoops in my hoop factory
-going out on fancy dates
-3/4 sweat pants. perfect length. love.
-blog comments
-huge jewelry
-liquid eyeliner
-restaurants that have gluten free bread/buns/options
-creme brulee
-falling in love with ordinary objects/people/places
-moleskine notebooks


My list…

Spending time with my little guy.

Crossing the finish line of a running event.

As cheesy as it sounds… blogging!

If you want to JOIN IN check back to the original post and tell me what make you HAPPY!!!!

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