Card Games

Hey..did you know that this week, I’ve dubbed it HAPPY WEEK?!?!??!! That’s right…you better get down with your HAPPY self. I have started off the week in challenging us all to make a HAPPY LIST.

What has been awesome is that fellow bloggers have joined the bandwagon and throughout the week you’ll see some personal lists of what make others HAPPY.

So…I love playing cards. I do. When I have time. Seriously a good card game does make me HAPPY!



Go Fish!

Old Maid!

Another set of cards that I love are my “Power Thought Cards” by Louise Hay.

They are a set of 64 individually illustrated cards with a simple message on the front and a ‘mantra/saying’ on the back.

I try to look at a couple each day, because I find that one of them hits me each time. Like this one.

What is/was your favourite card game?

I have an exam today, going into it with peace.

p.s. these cards will show up again this week..keep your eyes peeled…and your taste buds ready 🙂

8 thoughts on “Card Games

  1. Lance says:

    We like to play a game called Euchre. It’s been really fun trying to teach our kids (and their friends)!!

    And hey – all the card games you’ve listed – lots of fun!!!

    The Power Thought Cards…now they look really interesting!

    Good luck on your exam!

  2. BrookeNotOnADiet says:

    Card Games make me happy too!!

    When I was younger and even today, my grandmama and I would play Go Fish. We get ‘down and dirty’. Haha. And we have cute little rhymes for each number too.

    Such great memories! 🙂

  3. Corinne (breathe and savor) says:

    gaaah i love love love 500 rummy! my sister and i always play when we are together. a tradition that started on vacation a long time ago. another fav growing up was spit but i haven’t played that in forever. what a fun post 🙂

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