Happy Week: List #2

As part of ‘Happy Week‘ I have asked fellow bloggers to chime in with what makes them HAPPY!!!!

Here is Installment #1


From Lara@Thinspired

-Summer mornings

-Fall afternoons

-Fresh coffee

-Whole Foods grocery store

-Good hair days

-Talks with Mom

-Dinners with Husband

From MizFit@MizFitOnline

That’s really my joy right now and all else…anything else is simply extra.

The first word Tornado learned to write was mom.

This her reuniting with my husband after he had been gone for work for 3 weeks. Makeup of her own application.

Family which is, to me, a safe place to fall.

Unconditional love.

If you’d like to get involved please read the original post and let me know what makes you HAPPY!!!!

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