Are you a STRESS avoider?

I am in the midst of exams.

I feel like this.

I pretty much have the BIGGEST exams of my whole semester on Monday/Wednesday of next week.


I have learned something about myself….I AVOID STRESS. I try to shove it down, until it comes up like the BP Oil pipe and explodes and then I have a mess.

I forget to wear normal clothes, shower, what mascara is, what non-gluten/sugar laden food, how many cups of coffee is normal. I forget to take care of myself.

I find myself distracted…in an attempt to alleviate the stress that is impeding.

Not good.

I always tell people I work ‘better under stress’…which is partially true. However, I have let this stress get so high that it’s almost overwhelming. TOO MUCH TO DO.

This maybe true for you in your life. Especially when it comes to weight, eating, running, exercising. Instead of looking at it as a daily small.little.changes—->the focus becomes on the HUGE mountain at the end. Thus, FREAK OUT and nothing done. We go into ‘avoidance tactic’ mode and unilaterally try to stop thinking about what needs to be done. Those are usually never good.

Do you notice that running on a treadmill is not my first choice? (damn it)

So…I am saying ‘I AM STRESSED’…so I am going to be studying my brains out. Not freaking out. Knowing that I’ll get more done then I had expected. I am in control and ready for these exams.

Cause I want to look like this.

Until then…I will be pounding this…cause I can’t be totally perfect.

(in case you tried to steal my mug)

How do you react to stress?


11 thoughts on “Are you a STRESS avoider?

  1. Jenn says:

    HA! I avoid everything and play bejewelled blitz. then I begin to feel physically ill until I take care of it! I hate that I do it but I do it…. there I said it.

  2. Jack Sh*t says:

    I just don’t trust myself enough to whip out a banana in front of a webcam. 😉

    As for stress, I find that exercise is the best stress-reducer there is.

    Good luck with the exam.

  3. Beth says:

    Total stress avoider. One of the discoveries I made in my intuitive eating journey is that I used food to avoid uncomfortable situations, or to procrastinate when I didn’t want to do something. It was a tool of distraction.

    Now that I’m aware of that potential pitfall I am better able to identify when I’m doing that. Most of the time it stops me, but sometimes I know what I’m doing and I do it anyway.

  4. Sarah says:

    My default reaction to stress is to EAT. However, I’ve been working on changing that because I want my life to tell a better story. Now? I usually still WANT to eat, but I’ll write, do chores, cook, or talk to a friend instead.

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