Happy Week: List 5

This is the LAST of the HAPPY LISTS which has been part of the amazing Happy Week. Thank you for these bloggers, today, who have shared their lists.

If you’ve missed the other lists here they are:

Happy Week List #1
Happy Week List #2
Happy Week List #3
Happy Week List #4

I encourage you to make some HAPPY LISTS.


From: Confessions of A (Recovering) Compulsive Overeater

1. the sound of my kids genuine laughter
2. the smell of my kids hair after they’ve showered/shampoo’d
3. laughing so hard that i am practically crying
4. good friends
5. having a goal and accomplishing it
6. a good dessert
7. a good book
8. going to sleep at night
9. the feeling of a great workout
  • Big Hugs

  • A shared passion for running

  • Living in Florida

  • The sun rising over the water

  • Smiling kids faces in church
  • Running
  • Outdoors
  • My puppers
  • Reading
  • Walking around town
  • Eating good food that is good for me
  • Traveling
  • Great friends
  • Inside Jokes with Hunni
  • See love between friends
  • Quilting
  • Relaxing with TV or a movie
  • Smells of old books
  • My Momma
  • Just being me instead of who people think I am.
  • A local blackberry wine on a quiet evening
  • The feeling after completing a challenging workout
  • Coaching soccer to a bunch of 13/14 yr old kids
  • Discovering a new trail near our house
  • “Mooing” at cows as we drive by a farm

From Brooke@NotOnADiet — Her 100 Happy Things and 100th post!

3 thoughts on “Happy Week: List 5

  1. Lance says:

    This has been so fun to see HAPPY!!! All week!!

    What a GREAT way to bring some joy into our world!!

    Hmmm….I’m taking that as an invite!! I may just show up one of these days!!! (( MOO!!! ))

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