Vegan Wedding!!!!!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to do a post about the Vegan Wedding that I went to this weekend. So here you go. Thanks Sarah and James for inviting me along. The whole thing was beautiful, amazing, intimate. If you don’t think you would like vegan should have come to this wedding. FABO!

The Ceremony…along the river..gorgeous day!

(Sarah with her friend Delcs)





THE FOOD…amazing

DSC_0340.JPG DSC_0337.JPG
(starers. Beetroot/Almond, Hummus, Cashew/basil, Red Pepper/Walnut–Dips)

(eggplant curry dish with carrots, olives and indian spices)

(roasted portebello mushrooms with a soy yogurt glaze)

(tofu stuffed zuchinni rolls)

(sweet potato coconut milk soup)

(spinach tarte)

DSC_0375.jpg DSC_0374.jpg

Why Am I in an Apron?

Sarah and James decided three weeks before their wedding to cater the wedding themselves. Meaning that Sarah and James were both cooking the night before their wedding. Crazy cats. Anyways, they had put James’ mom incharge of the kitchen, getting everything ready.

I protested!!!

There is NO way that on the wedding of your son -OR- on your own wedding day that you’re going to be worrying about food.


So James’ Brother and I stepped in. It was SO much fun!

You can have an ALL VEGAN wedding!!!!

It was so much fun. I thought of all my vegan blogging friends and readers. Congrats Sarah and James!!!

Have you ever been to a wedding that was unique?


14 thoughts on “Vegan Wedding!!!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    Have I mentioned how awesome you are yet today? Because you are! Thank you so much for the help….James, me, his mum and all the guests are grateful!

    Also very glad you liked the food. I was a bit nervous that people wouldn’t like it!

  2. Kate says:

    You look gorgeous, and that is one lovely couple! The food looks awesome too, and it was really sweet of you to step in and help out!

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