In LOVE with these: The Silver Maple (giveaway)

I have to say that I am IN LOVE with this company: The Silver Maple (Facebook Group)


For those of you who are runners


For those of you who are religious


For those of you with babes


I asked Jacque how it all started:

In a former life, I was an accountant for a big fancy CPA firm, an auditor for a big city bank, then in medical sales calling on pediatric offices.

My husband and I left the city life and now live on a farm in a rural community. During one of our late night chats, red wine in hand, I told my husband I thought I needed a hobby outside of running. So, I decided to take a sharp turn and start creating jewelry. Special jewelry. Jewelry that didn’t look like other jewelry. And, jewelry that meant something special.

Each and every day I am thankful for the ability to jump online and “interact” with amazing bloggers all over the world. I have been inspired, educated, motivated, touched, and entertained by bloggers. For that, I am forever grateful.

This little venture has been an amazing blessing to me. My daughters love it too and are always anxious to see what I made; it’s so darn sweet.   And, I am meeting new and wonderful people from around the world each and every day. Runners. Mommys. Aunts. New brides. Friends looking to congratulate another friend. Husbands looking for a special gift for their wife.  It’s so friggin awesome!

I love the journey!

Someone harnessing their gifts, doing what they love and overcoming the mental chatter that can stop so many of us from taking that ‘sharp turn’ is something that I admire.

AND….. adoring amazing readers..get a little piece of Jacque’s gifts/talents!

“Silver Maple Giveaway”

  1. Go to Silver Maple website and tell me what you’d like to win ($40.00 allowance) as a comment below. (there are heaps more then what is just in this post. whatever you choose, will be what you choose wisely. Jacque will make it specially for YOU and will imprint it with whatever you want.)
  2. Tweet and link back
  3. Link back through your blogs

Each entry of the above ways you have three ways. Again I encourage you to not only get involved in this giveaway but also to tell your friends about it. I just am head over heels with this stuff.


Tuesday June 15th 4am Eastern to 10am Eastern USA Friday June 18th, USA only 😦
WORLDWIDE!!!! Anyone can enter!!!

28 thoughts on “In LOVE with these: The Silver Maple (giveaway)

  1. Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete says:

    yay! Thanks for doing this, by the way!

    I would love the Running Girl Necklace! This totally made me realize that I have nothing besides the shirt that I ran the my first marathon. I need something since I have bragging rights now!

    Once you run that half marathon, you will have totally earned wearing something with 13.1 around your neck for sure! Is that a little more extra motivation! I hope you decide to do it. It will seriously change your life!

  2. Julie says:

    I like the keep calm and carry on necklace. I also love the I love running necklace. Oh and I also love…
    They are ALL awesome!! I’m sure I’ll be shopping there in the future!

  3. Ellie Di says:

    How beautiful! I love mixed metals in jewelry and these pieces are so simple. My particular favourite is the Mixed Meaning necklace – it should say “Not Lost”. :3 Thanks for introducing us to this amazing designer!

  4. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    I would LOVE the “running makes me happy” necklace on an 18″ chain with the blue bead (hey, you said be specific). It’s $44, but I would totally pay the difference. Thanks for the opportunity to enter, their stuff is awsome!

  5. Robin says:

    “Running Makes Me Happy”. I was just talking to my friend last night about how running is my therapy. Too bad there is not one that says “Running with my dog Makes Me Happy”, because when I take my lab with me we both grin like fools the whole time.

  6. Kate says:

    Wow, those are pretty. I’d go for the “Kindness Counts” circle, but with three names stamped around it instead, with a the pearl charm hanging in the middle. I’d also be happy to pay the difference 🙂

  7. Carolyn C. says:

    I love the circle of inspiration and the keep calm/carry on necklace. Everything is so cute…. hard to choose! Thank you for the giveaway!!

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