Saturday Song ‘Empire State of Mind’

Sometimes I think that I have a little ghetto in me. I don’t know if Jay-z and Alicia are ‘ghetto’…but I wish I could be Alicia and rap/sing/get-down-with Jay-z. I actually love everything about this song. The beat, the different sections between the two…but really the chorus is just beautiful.

Oh…and the winners of the last two giveaways–you lucky readers you 🙂

Charlotte for the Happy Giveaway

I am currently living 7 hours from my husband and any time I get to see him makes me sooo happy. Also being able to work out again after nursing an injury for 6 months makes me happy!

Nicole@GeekTurnedAthlete for ‘The Silver Maple’ Giveaway

yay! Thanks for doing this, by the way!

I would love the Running Girl Necklace! This totally made me realize that I have nothing besides the shirt that I ran the my first marathon. I need something since I have bragging rights now!

Once you run that half marathon, you will have totally earned wearing something with 13.1 around your neck for sure! Is that a little more extra motivation! I hope you decide to do it. It will seriously change your life!

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