Faith in Yourself

What does ‘Faith’ mean to you?


Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith. ~Author Unknown

I have to say that last night during my 1/2 marathon training I didn’t even think that I could finish a mile in the 12 minute trial run that we had. I was doubting my own ability.

I circled after 4 laps and asked “What time am I at?” and my trainer replied “9:30”

I screamed! Here was was doubting myself and thinking that I wasn’t going to make a 12 minute mile and I was busting out a 9:30. You see the whole time that I was running the four laps I held myself back. ‘What if I can’t make it to the end, I need to make sure that I hold myself back’.

I have held myself back a lot in the past…cause frankly I didn’t have faith in myself. I didn’t think that I could dig deep and/or that I had anything to give if I dug deep.

This lack of faith also manifests with my weight/body image. I am currently 30+lbs heavier than I was at my lowest. Now, I am still 100lbs+ less than I was at my heaviest. Baby, that’s great!

But in the last two years of my life, gaining back the 30lbs, I have lost faith in my own ability to lose weight. I have become complacent with my current state, mentally, which manifests in me not working out, bingeing at times, and wearing frumpy clothes. I have lost faith in my ability.

Faith to me it rooted in my religious choosing with the knowledge that I personally feel connected to something bigger than me. HOWEVER, I would argue that FAITH in YOURSELF is where you have to start. I am learning this…that people’s faith in us, God’s faith in me….pails in comparison with my own Faith in myself.

Once I realise that I was able to run the 9:30 mile I ended up overtaking a woman who was almost 100m in front of me at the very end. I had it in me!

So I ask you, where does your personal faith come from? How faithful are you in yourself?

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. ~Author Unknown

Harnessing my personal faith

6 thoughts on “Faith in Yourself

  1. Katie @ Health for the Whole Self says:

    When I think of the word “faith,” I definitely go to my belief system. I have faith that there is a God who loves me, which in turns leads to faith in myself. If what I believe to be the most powerful force in the universe believes in me, who am I to not believe in myself?

  2. missyrayn says:

    I have faith in God but I also have faith in myself because God loves me. He didn’t call me to be timid. So when I doubt myself I remember him telling us that we are not born with a spirit of timidity and I need to have faith in myself instead of holding back because I don’t think I can do it.

  3. Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete says:

    You are beautiful and capable of doing anything that you put your mind to. Sounds corny, but so true! I doubt myself a lot especially during races. I was freaking out during my marathon and ended up doing way better than I thought that I was going to do. It is all in your mind!

  4. Kendra says:

    Mich, I think that you hit on something I’ve been struggling with. You always seem to do that on both your blogs. Maybe my struggle to believe in God is made that much harder by my struggle to believe in myself. I lack confidence in my ability to discern what is really true and what is just something I want to believe. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Corinne says:

    i LOVE this post. i too am finalllly realizing that i have held myself back because i was scared, had no faith. it only takes one moment of confidence to really see the light though, or at least the glimmer that will get you there. you go girl!

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