Home-Cooked CandyLand

Do you ever feel like harnessing your six-year old spirit?

Last night, after my koala petting/chocolate eating/HIIT packed day, I went over to my friend Sarah’s house for a home-cooked dinner. When you are a poor college student, or anyone for that matter, when people cook you dinner from scratch…you basically want to kiss their toes and praise the ground they walk on.

Before dinner we had to get in a few games of CandyLand.


I was the red gingerbread man….


Then we played around with trains and took some photos of the prep.

DSC_0166.JPG DSC_0168.JPG DSC_0177.JPG



Lamb curry—heaven—in the crock pot all day


Toppings for the curry—apparently when Sarah lived in South Africa they always had coconut, bananas and a tomato/onion salsa to go with it. Throw them all on..they were SO good.




‘Bugs Bunny’ carrots


Plate me up! (I may have gone back for a little bit more)

DSC_0184.JPG DSC_0185.JPG

After eating…which I didn’t feel like I stuffed myself…but I was full..L decided to give us a show.


What I love about little kids is that they DON’T care what people think. He go on his bed and sang along.

DSC_0195.JPG DSC_0200.JPG

We had seats to watch the show and I smiled, thinking that being six would be pretty damn good sometimes.

We then made a yogurt/cookie/berry parfait. Yogurt, 1/2 of a crumbled cookie, Yogurt, cookie, yogurt, berries!


It reminded me that we ALL have an inner-child in us.

Do you ever harness your inner-child? Ever get to hang out with kids?


6 thoughts on “Home-Cooked CandyLand

  1. Maria (realfitmama) says:

    I harness my inner child on the regular! My girls (Linsey 9 and Regan 2) don’t let me act like an adult all of the time. We play games, take walks and LOVE to play at the park. You’re right – kids could care less what they’re doing and who’s watching it…sometimes that can get scary!

  2. Amanda Adams says:

    Those lentils look really good. I don’t get the chance to hang around kids much as a college student, but my brother and his wife just had twin boys so I’m thinking that’s going to change a lot.

  3. Sarah says:

    I do get to hang out with kids! My husband’s extended family lives close by, so I am able to play with his cousins’ kids sometimes. I love it! We have baked, hula hooped, danced, run (a lot!), used our imagination, done kids’ yoga….it does my heart good. I may need some more of that. And soon!

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