Sunday Sentence(s)

This is the poem which I wrote for Carly@Live.Laugh.Grow. Go check out her blog….cause seriously…it’s amazing.


To live it to seize the day
And make sure that you are on the right way
To be open to new thoughts
And to be able to workout on the spot
It’s not about comparing to others
Or worrying about your brothers
It’s about loving yourself at the core
And knowing that you have so much more
Finding balancing in living
So that you are able to keep on giving
Giving to yourself everyday
So that you are never tempted to walk away

It would be a shame to waste your laugh
Cause life isn’t a rough draft.
The way that laughter fills a room
Is much like air in a balloon
So don’t starve your life of laughter everyday
What a same it would be to stifle your rays
We are only given a certain amount of time on this earth
Each day is almost like a new birth
So go on and bring about the laugh you possess
Cause I would hate to know that you do not use it and digress
I have been told that my laugh is loud
Who cares I am American and proud 🙂

What living and laughter enable you to do is to continue growing like kids with shoes.
Using what life has given you in riddles and clues
Signs and thoughts that keep you going
So that you never stop growing
It’s about watering your seed so it has fuel
And never starving it of its tools
You see you are but a seed in the soil
Who has to realise that life isn’t always about toil
To be perfect is rob the roots of the plant
And will make your petals quite scant
So lay down your foundation with pride
And let your petals grow in stride
For Living, Laughing and Growing is a constant change of pace
So that you can keep on running the race


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One thought on “Sunday Sentence(s)

  1. Maria (realfitmama) says:

    I have to admit that I look forward to reading your blog EVERYDAY!!! Oddly enough one of your sentences is the title of my video that closes out my post this morning…great minds MUST think alike. HAPPY SUNDAY!

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