Hot & Spicy

Ever have a hot and spicy weekend?

Well, even though it’s FREEZING cold outside right now in Perth (that’s right I am an Oregon transplant living in Perth Australia) I had a hot and spicy weekend.

Which team is more hot and spicy: Chile or Spain? I watched the World Cup this weekend and it was fun comparing the looks of hot sweaty soccer players full of testerone running around on my TV.



Then I thought..why not work out. I gotta make sure I am getting my Summer Shape Up in gear and find time to squeeze in little exercises here and there. So I busted this out times three.


It felt good..honestly it did.

On Sunday, after my little trist with the soccer boys I had a little spicy coloured idea to make a fun polenta dish.

Colourful Polenta & Polenta Cakes
2-4 serves


.5 onion chopped
1 small red pepper diced
1-3 cloves of garlic
1.5 c. polenta
3 c. water

Chop everything up and add into a pot with oil over medium-high heat.


Sautee until veggies are to your liking–mine about 5 minutes.
Then add water and bring to a boil.
Add polenta. Stir around. Take off heat. Cover until absorbed.

If you want you can mix 1 c. of finished polenta with 1 egg and fry into polenta cakes…yummy!


I did go to the beauty conference on Friday and bought WAY too many new workout clothes..but you know what it’s been since December 2006 since I’ve bought myself any new workout clothes. And my sports bras will prove it. These clothes are from an Australian brand, Lorna Jane, but never fear you Americans…they’re going stateside. I told the manager that she needed to tap into the blogging world.

DSC_0188.jpg DSC_0191.jpg

I honestly felt like a MILLION bucks today working out in my new clothes. The sports bra is AMAZING, I love the shirts cause it makes my shoulders look good, is long enough and doesn’t cling to me. I busted out a workout from last weeks SSU that I didn’t have a chance to do.

  • Beg: 5 min cardio (2 min@6.5kmph, 1 min@10.5kmph, 2 min@11.0kmph)
  • The following three times through
    • Lunges w/ 6kg-12lbs, 15 each leg
    • Plie Squats w/ 6kg-12lbs, 15
    • Leg Lifts w. 6kg-12lbs, 15 each leg
    • Hamstring curls w/ 25kg-55lbs, 15
    • Frog crunchs, 15
    • Calf raises, 25 each leg
    • Leg extension w/ 30kg-65lbs, 15
  • End: 20 min cardio @7.0kmph-4.5mph

It was a good hot and spicy workout. Ok…I need to head out..I gotta eat something..cause I am HANGRY. Speaking of Hangry..congrats to HangryPants on their engagement!

What got you hot and spicy this weekend? Any favourites in the soccer world?


10 thoughts on “Hot & Spicy

  1. gemfit says:

    I love Lorna Jane’s slogan tanks – I have one with “I earn my chocolate with every step” and I’m dying to get the “Never give up” one. Not cheap, but so so cool and comfy.

    • Mish says:

      I think that you can actually order them online and have them shipped (Expensive I know) but they’re so great. they have some GREAT saying tanks.

  2. missyrayn says:

    I’m a diehard Spain Futbol fan after my time there. I’m made lots of work stuff has kept me from watching.

    Those clothes look fabulous and new workout clothes always make me want to work out more.

  3. Kate says:

    Been loving watching the World Cup. And I love your new work out clothes!!

    I had hopes for the US…but I’m past that now. I was pretty impressed with Germany yesterday, and I do have a little German in my genes, so maybe I’ll back them.

  4. Laurie says:

    Those soccer guys are hotties. My facebook status yesterday was:
    “Soccer players are adorable, both the World Cup and my 12 year old!”
    I am curious how you got to Australia. How cool!

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