Hot Ass Pants and Mr. Sailor Man

Ever get a little ‘randy’ when at the gym watching the opposite (or same) sex workout?

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who wrote such amazing comments today with my ‘Can I Survive Baking as A Disorder Eater’. I decided to take my battle with the baking to twitter. It was awesome and those who supported me are just about the most amazing people in the world. Thank you for being so amazing!

Now..what did the results look like? (this is what I am sending to Timor)


All I have to say is that my friend who is living in Timor, is probably one of the main reasons that I a) am a nurse b) the instigator of wanting to turn my life around c) the instigator (inadvertently) of facing down a HUGE thing for me with baking. Thank you! 🙂

I decided after baking..that I’d enjoy a little fruit of my labor. A little crumby (just the top bit) and 1/2 a jam PB cookie.

DSC_0190.JPG DSC_0187.JPG

I just enjoyed it for what it was worth. I have to be gentle with my dietary limitations and getting through not binging was enough for my brain to comprehend.

I then busted out my AWESOME new workout pants that I got last week. I am tellin’ ya Lorna Jane is probably the BEST workout clothes I have ever spent money on. These pants lift my ass, suck in my gut and make my thighs look fabo.


But beyond that they feel like butta’ on my body. I love how snug they are and they stay in place. I just love them. I also and sporting my other top to go with the one I showed the other day as the same with the sports bra.


My workout was a KILLER. Dear God, Summer Shape Up might KILL me. Love, Mish

  • 5 min @ 7.0kmph and 3% incline
  • Side lunge 7kg x15 each leg
  • Wall sit 45 seconds
  • Step-ups w/ 7kg in each hand x15 each leg
  • Sumo Dead Lifts w/ 14kg
  • Calf raises x25 each leg
  • Cable hip abduction 20kg x15 each leg
  • Renegade rows w/ 4kg x15 each arm
  • 12 minutes intervals on elliptical

(all of the weights were three times through).

While I was working out…omg the most beautiful young uni student appeared in my world. I need to just break this down for you. When you feel hot in your ass pants, with increased testosterone pumping through your veins due to working out…and the sweat and grimace of a man straining to use his amazing muscle….you have to focus on not staring in awe.

Then I got brave…flirty. I blame it on the ass pants.

Sailor Boy: Are you using this machine?
Me: (No, but you can use mine) No I am not, go ahead.
Sailor Boy: Oh thanks.
Me: I would offer to spot you, but I don’t think that I could lift the weights you’re using. (little smile)
Sailor Boy: Oh, that’s why I use this one, cause it has the safety catch in it.
Me: That’s good. Do you row?
Sailor Boy: No I sail
Me: Oh that’s awesome. (Want a sailor friend).

Then I died. And realised he was probably 20. I must be careful…but it’s just another reason to go to the gym. Don’t get all snappy with me, Mrs. Hotass gets me. After getting hot and sweaty and trying not to stare I came home exhausted!


This has been SUCH a huge day for me! I didn’t binge. I am on the road to recovery! Each day is a day to make it and give it your best. It isn’t about tomorrow or yesterday … it’s about today.

Any hot gym/running/co-worker eye candy?
Do you have any outfits that make you feel good about yourself?


1. Please go and look at the #57 and #58 of the Exposed Movement. They have just joined this week. AMAZING!
2. If you haven’t checked out The Silver Maple…go! There’s a 20% coupon for all EJ readers ‘MarvelousMish’ until July 4th!

17 thoughts on “Hot Ass Pants and Mr. Sailor Man

  1. ernise says:

    Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!

    Eye candy is an excellent reason to head to the gym!

    So glad you are on your way with doing good and not binging while baking.

  2. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    I’m smiling…

    So yeah, my kettlebell trainer is 20 and he’s definitely nice to look at! He’s cute, smart, polite and able to teach this middle-aged woman a thing or two. But he’s young enough to be my son!! So while I acknowledge his eye-candy-ness I have to admit more of a maternal interest in him than anything else. 🙂

    BTW, your ass looks hot in those pants! Are they sold only in Australia?

  3. Sarah says:

    Lorna Jane stuff is seriously awesome. I too bought some pants like that a while back and was like, “What? I NEVER look this good in tight pants. Must spend ungodly amount of money on these. Now.” Their stuff is so expensive!

    Did you know there’s also a Lululemon in Perth too? Dangerous stuff.

    Love the sailor boy bit. Hilarious.

    Oh, one more thing….binging while baking and at/after potlucks – same exact problems here. I feel you. Please feel free to reach to me for support too – I’m better than Twitter. I’m a human being! 😉

    • Mish says:

      omg Lulu in perth. I am doomed to drooling…with no purchase. yes, they are expensive..but they’ll last forever. so worth it. so much better then crap from target.

  4. missyrayn says:

    So proud of you Mish on the baking.

    And even as a married woman I can appreciate a good looking guy at the gym. I would never say or do anything but I like a guy who works out. That’s why I find Hunni sexy when he goes with me and gets all hot and sweaty.

  5. Sarah says:

    I missed your post about baking and not binging (I’m going to go catch up now), but YOU GO, GIRL!
    Oh, and those pants? You look fabulous! No wonder you felt so confident:-).

  6. John says:

    The only problem with working out w/o using a gym is there’s no eye candy! I mean occasionally I see some when running the streets but not often and you don’t see them for long 🙂

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