Chat to Myself

You have been feeling down today

After having 3TB of peanut butter, not the cereal cause you’ve made a commitment to not eating things you’re body can’t handle, you sat around.

Thinking about working out.

Lets be honest that today you’re in the mindset which you’ve been trying to kick…the dieting/need to lose weight. That’s why you didn’t want to work out today….cause you were rebelling against HAVING to use working out as a punishment for over-eating on peanut butter.

But can I say something…you go girl. Cause all it took this time was 3TB of peanut butter, 1 hour of quiet time and a hot shower and lotioned legs to realise that … BABY IT ‘AINT a DIET.


So re-focus would ya! Exercise is to work your body, sculpt your muscles and enjoy the sweat in your new workout clothes. Food is meant to be enjoyed, nourishment and fuel.

You’re getting there lovely.

It’s a lifestyle Michelle, and you’re harnessing that. Now go have fun with your friends tonight at the dinner party and remember it’s not about the food and having an ‘off’ night. It’s about having an ‘on’ night with amazing people.


9 thoughts on “Chat to Myself

  1. Sarah says:

    I felt like I was eavesdropping when I read this. And I was very glad I did- it’s a beautiful thing to see somebody loving themselves.

  2. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    You’re so great to be encouraging and keeping in line with your goals. Way to be a cheerleader!

  3. Maria (realfitmama) says:


    I’m sitting here sort of glad that I really can’t go running right now (toddler sleeping/9 year old reading/husband out) cause I really don’t want to, but feel like I need too cause it’s been two days.

    I’ll do it this evening with the fam instead!

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