Wine + Friends + Food = FUN!

Nothing profound here..just my awesome life this weekend!!!!!!!

Friday Night ‘VIP Dinner’

Onions got the best of me


I cooked ‘BBQ Chicken/Ham/Swiss Cheese Roll-ups & Sauteed Garlic/Onion Mash & Steamed Broccoli w/ EVOO and salt’


Fun friends


Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding. It’s an Australian thing, I wasn’t allowed to share the recipe on the blog (tear). But basically you mix hot water/cocoa and sugar together, then pour the batter over the top. CRAZY!

DSC_0213.jpg DSC_0219.jpg DSC_0220.JPG DSC_0223.JPG

And it works!

BOOZE FEST aka: Food/Wine Festival


I went to the Food/Wine Festival. Honestly, it’s like the biggest thing that’s hit Perth since the epic Hail Storm. (I may have bought a car, 1993 Mazda that was caught in the hail storm, I am poor).

IMG_0178.jpg IMG_0177.jpg

Basically you go in, and get drunk. Well, ok you clasy-ass drink and pretend you know what you’re talking about. My friend Nicole and I tried this amazing AM-MAZZZ-INNNNGGG whisky drink w/ lime. It was called a g-spot…don’t get after me. I think that Mrs. Fatass would also understand…she gets me.

DSC_0239.JPG DSC_0241.jpg DSC_0243.jpg

It was ‘g-spot-able’…it was honestly amazing and I wanted to drink whisky.

Then we got distracted, after drinking wine, with a KitchenAid Ice Cream maker attachment. My friend Nicole seriously peed her pants–ok maybe not. But overly excited would be correct.


Then we went to a celebrity chef show. It was fun! I want to be a celebrity chef đŸ™‚

DSC_0255.jpg DSC_0261.JPG DSC_0269.JPG

I then got my drunk-ass sobered up…good thing. Went out for dinner, coffee and a movie. Honestly this weekend was awesome. I watched what I ate on Friday–DIDN’T eat anything that my tummy couldn’t handle. Boozed it up on Saturday but smashed an amazing 1 hour walk w/ my friend and did a SummerShapeUp Workout that morning.

You can HAVE FUN and still be FIT!


I am so excited about this week. My results for the first two weeks of SummerShapeUp and an awesome guest poster! WOOP!

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