11 Insigths from ‘The Anti-Jared’

I have a deep appreciation for people who are honest, perhaps a bit abrasive, and down-right themselves. I came across Tony@TheAnti-Jared and I wanted to just throw random, but varied questions at him. He’s that type of guy..he can handle it.
He chronicles his massive weight-loss transformation and what he does everyday to maintain it. I hope that you read through his answers…I appreciated them. For some reason there’s isn’t sugar-coating in it..it’s just the honest truth. Thanks Tony!
“11 Insights from ‘The Anti-Jared'” ~Tony@TheAnti-Jared
1. What makes your blood boil?
When people doubt themselves. I am pretty confident, but I think people should be the same.
When someone doubts themselves, they feel bad and eventually quit.
When people do not think they are pretty.
When people are upset about how much weight they have lost

2. What hasn’t changed about who you are?

I am the same guy.
I love my wife.
My story is different.  Everything was taken away from me. I am humbled.
I just want to keep it now.

3. How do you harness your authentic self?

I do this journey for me. I am pretty smart, I know what to write to get attention. It is not about that. It is about making me happy. The good thing is, what makes me happy generally makes others happy 🙂

4. How has weight loss negatively impacted you?—if it has at all

No. I can not say much more….no.

5. Your best kept secrets
Ahhhhhh!!! Okay…I will give you one. Work out early in the morning. it will give you no excuse to not do it after work

6. Are you scared you’ll gain the weight back?

Yes. Every day, Fear works for me. I do not mind slipping, but I will not quit.

7. What is one thing that you’ve been able to do that as surprised you since losing weight?

Booths look smaller.
Chairs have more room.
Dancing is easier!

8. Do you have any fitness goals?

I will reveal those soon enough 🙂 –check out his blog…he’s been talking about it!

9. 4 1/2 pieces of advice for someone who ‘just can’t seem to get into the head space’ to start?

None. Nothing I will say will help. Once someone is ready, they will know, once they start and do it, then i can help.

10. Favourite cardio?

11. Least favourite thing about weight loss?


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