Pyramiding the DreadMill

I decided that today I was going to actually ASK my body what it wanted. Instead of MAKING it do something that it didn’t.

That means that I put my workout clothes out with a note last night.


I woke up to these beauties this morning.

if i ever get married, this is the colour I want w/ purple. just sayin’

Had gluten free toast w/ PB, honey and banana for brekky. Then went and worked my ass off. SummerShapeUp ‘work your guns and sweat on some hills’

  • 5 min cardio @ 6.5 kmph
  • Inclined bicep curls @ 6kg x15
  • Alt. Shoulder Press @6kg x15
  • Hammer Curls @6kg x15
  • Bench crunches x30
  • Barbell Chest Press @12.5kg x15
  • Triceps Over the head @12kg x15
  • Exercise Ball Supine Chest Flys @6kg x15
  • Dips w/ legs out x15

    • all weight 3 times through
    • also did the foam roller on my legs after the 2nd set
  • 25 min ‘Pyramid’ cardio @7.0kmph–

    • 8%,9%,10%,9%,8% (5 minutes each)
    • This was awesome, cause I was able to pyramid it. It challenged me.

I poured sweat on the treadmill. It was brilliant. I am usually on the ‘dreadmill’ but I just focused on pushing myself and asking my body to give all that it had. I love having five minute intervals, cause it mentally is challenge, but you know that there’s another level just ‘around the corner’.

DSC_0211.JPG DSC_0207.JPG

I felt like I snapped out of it today. Lunch was an apple, mandarin orange, salad and roast beef sand which. I got some packing stuff underway and made a crappy dinner of Rice cereal w/ 1 TB PB and Jam and 1 banana w/ soy milk. Not great but I had to get going.

To a ‘Quiz Night’. I don’t know if they have these in America, but it’s like a trivia night. So much fun.

DSC_0240.JPG DSC_0224.jpg

I got to play with an almost 2 year old. adorable.


I dug into too much of the chocolate buttons and candy on the table, but I didn’t binge. I just have to to keep reminding myself of old patterns, learning how to overcome them and moving on.

My mantra right now: Don’t punish your todays and tomorrows for your yesterdays!

Do you ‘pyramid’ or interval your cardio?


6 thoughts on “Pyramiding the DreadMill

  1. missyrayn says:

    I like intervals especially with hills on the treadmill. I got a great workout from Tina’s page and do it when I can run.

    And I’m so proud of you for just enjoying your day. I used to love trivia at the coffee house when I had just graduated and was working with college students from another school.

    • Mish says:

      I still go against my mantra, but I think it’s being aware of that..even if we do..that in some days is the success that we need.

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