Etched In The Grass

I woke up this morning and got my gear on for a run.

I was out the door at 7:45am ready to conquer the pavement that waited in front of and behind me.

As I trudged through the grass at the park, on my way to the running path, I could feel the cold morning droplets of wet dew seeping through my shoes. A rude, yet welcomed, awakening to my feet.

I have run this path 100s of times, even once for a 10km race. It feels like home. It’s so familiar to me that often times I curse it ’cause I am bored’ of the same things.

As I was running today, I realised that in my heart it really wasn’t going to be one of those days when I set a record or even made it through the whole 4 miles planned without walking. Today, walking is what my body and MIND needed.

As I have moved back to Fremantle, where I started four years ago, I feel like I am at home. However, it’s back to an old job, one that I used to train people in, but I haven’t gotten my bearings yet. In some ways I feel like a top spinning a bit out of control–and this sends me into HYPER-OVERDRIVE.

Sometimes we just need to stop running around, in, through, away from things..and just walk.

In my walking state I had:

Enough time to feel the morning dew droplets warm with the effort of my feet.
Enough time to watch the snail scoot across the rocky running path to a wet patch of grass.
Enough time to appreciate and comment on a cute dog carrying a HUGE stick.
Enough time to appreciate and enjoy a man’s ass in spandex as he ran in front of me 🙂

As I continued my walk, I felt a desire to stop half-way and relax, if even for a couple of minutes. My 1/2 way point is South Beach. A beautiful ocean that sweeps along with white sand, a faint outline of an island off in the distance and sail boats sprinkled on the horizon. Many times I am so in my head either pushing through the run that I had planned, or be-bopping it to the latest i-tunes download that I miss the chance to appreciate the ocean that I have in my ‘back yard’

Today I walked to it.

The ocean is a therapeutic realm for me. Many times, though, I can’t enjoy it because I find it almost too slow for my own liking. However, I craved the trans-like effect that it’s constant and methodical rhythm produces. I wanted to zone out in its beauty.

So I did.

After I turned around to walk home, about 1/2 way upon my return I felt like running. So I did. As I came back to the park, my path in the dew was still etched in the grass. As though the world was trying to tell me…you know your way..and so do we. Just relax cause everything is here, you’re home.


4 thoughts on “Etched In The Grass

  1. Foodie McBody says:

    I loved this post. I use the same redwoods trail 3-4x a week. Sometimes I run like a gazelle so to speak, sometimes I trot like an old pony, and sometimes I walk. It’s always beautiful, but my body is different every time. I’m glad you found your way both walking and running.

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