21 Days

It’s been 21 days free from binging.

That’s three weeks.

I haven’t been three weeks from binging in forever. In fact, I don’t remember when. Why? Because when I was actively dieting I would allow myself a day where I ate whatever I wanted. I binged all day long. It was the feeling of release.

These 21 days have been crazy.

I have packed up, moved, un-packed, started a new job and took on the 1/2 marathon training as the absolute goal for myself and my mom.

This would have NORMALLY induced binges up the ying-yang.

I have overeaten, but even that has become less. I have almost binged twice with cookies.

Then I pulled myself back.

What is interesting is that I have lost weight, I think somewhere around seven lbs. I wasn’t intending to lose weight. That is my body thanking me for not shoving 10,000+ calories that it doesn’t need. My stomach and gastro issues have weirdly started to go back to normal (did I just write that?)

But what is even more amazing is the transformation of my being.


I have found my spirit again.
I have found my love in who I am again.
I have found that fire.
I have found the fighter in me.

My workout clothes are a bit loser.
My muffin top is smaller.
My bras fit a bit better.
My underwear don’t cut into my thighs.

More though,

I am beginning to realise that what I have inside of me is enough..it’s my source of energy, light, peace, grace, fire, strength….

I know that parties, endless buffets are ahead of me this weekend. But I know that in my heart I need not be afraid. I don’t need to starve myself before hand so I can ‘let lose’.

All I have to do, is keep doing what I am doing.


Being me.


25 thoughts on “21 Days

  1. seattlerunnergirl says:

    So. so. happy for you! I LOVE that you are finding that YOU, just as you are, are enough. That it’s all within you, this healthy living thing. Congratulations on 21 days binge-free. What an amazing accomplishment!

  2. Skyler Meine says:

    This post is awesome. The journey to our ideal shape’s is really all about finding and magnifying ourselves. This is a great post I hope many people get to read it.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Congratulations! Everyday is a victory. Congrats on your 21 victories. You are amazing! Don’t forget it.

    I know how hard it is to resist the urge.

  4. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    “I am beginning to realise that what I have inside of me is enough..it’s my source of energy, light, peace, grace, fire, strength….”

    Yes Yes Yes!! I was feeling the same thing today when I tempted myself with two of my favorite distraction activities: shopping for clothes and shopping for food. And I realized that I don’t need it any more! I have enough…I AM enough!

  5. Laurie says:

    FABULOUS!! What do you think helped you get there? I am so one step forward one step back. What an annoying dance. I LOVE that you have done this, it gives me hope (and I am going to quote you in the post you just inspired me to write)

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