Playing ‘Vegan Mom’

Someone asked me ‘who are these kids that you speak of?’

I am working in Fremantle Australia for an American university as their study abroad Director for their program here. So basically I am a house mom. I did this job FOUR years ago when I first arrived in Australia and survived four groups of twenty-somethings.

Basically a Mom

201007231515.jpg 201007231515.jpg 201007231515.jpg

Then I moved out on my own for two years. Then due to finances, I took up this job again.

But I am blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life, and a good staff of four others in my same position but in different residential halls. It’s about community people.

DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0005.JPG

I woke up this morning, to a fire alarm..LOVELY! Then I just have felt tired all day. I was complaining to my friend Nicole about this..and she goes ‘wanna go to Juicy Beetroot?’ Hell yes! It’s a veg/vegan restaurant and you basically throw a whole bunch of cold and/or hot foods into a bowl and go for it.

I had a tiny bit of brown rice, vegetable curry and satay cabbage w/ cashews and a bit of Dahl.

DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0002.JPG

It’s heaven I am not even kidding.


I ate it all.

Whilst I was there, I tweeted Angela, Ashley and MamaPea asking them this:
mama pea.jpg
OPPS!!!!! A vagina restaurant…I mean vegan!!!!!! That’s what happens when you are one tired girl and let spell checker get the best of you!
So yes, I am a ‘Vegan Mom’ of sorts. Teaching my kids about hummus, avocados, baking vegan goodies, and making sure that they know about Food Inc.
What type of Mom are you to your own kids and/or those around you?


6 thoughts on “Playing ‘Vegan Mom’

  1. Kendra says:

    I saw that tweet last night and just raised an eyebrow figuring it was some inside joke.

    Although I did wonder what such a restaurant would serve.

  2. Princess Dieter says:

    Oh, GOSH. That curry and dal look soooo good. I’m salivating up a storm. Mmmmmm.

    Torture. Me want some. 😀

    We’re going out for Moroccan later today (it’s the wee hours), but now I wish we’d gotten a coupon for Indian. Mm.

  3. MB says:

    HAHAHAHA…we were just talking about the time our friend ordered the vagina ham instead of the Virginia ham. HAHAHAHA….too funny.

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