Satur/Sun-Day Combined

It’s been on of those weekends where time is escaping me. I haven’t even written my Grandma back..after I promised her.

Saturday Song
“Turn Me On” ~Norah Jones. I heard this song at a store the other day and said to myself ‘man it’s been a long time since I have listend to Norah’. I love her music.

Sunday Sentence

“To notice flickers of divine, like dust motes on sunbeams in your dusty kitchen. Without the shade and shadows, you’d miss the beauty of the veil. The shadow is always there, and if you don’t remember it, when it falls on you and your life again, you’re plunged into darkness. Shadows make the light show. Without shadows, we’d only see what a friend of mine refers to as “all the goddamn light”‘
~Anne Lammot Phase B “Diamond Heart”


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