4 Years In Oz

This morning I woke up determined to start off uni the right way. I wore my Lorna Jane shirt and brought my runners and running pants to school.


I then squeezed in a mini-workout during my break between classes!!!!!

  • Bicep Curls @6kg x15
  • Lunges @6kg each hand x15 each leg
  • 20 tricep dips
  • Plie Squats @6kg each hand x15
  • Alternating Hammer Curls @6kg
  • Calf Raises @6kg in hand of raising leg
  • 15 push-ups, knees down
  • 35 crunches

I did this three times through and got a bit of a sweat going on 🙂 I survived class today, oh my heavens the long lazy days of sitting around are NO LONGER. Painful at times to be honest.

I came home to my students, which I adore, and as I walked in the door I knew that they were all up to something.

I go ‘what are you doing?’
They looked at me and go ‘oh just decorating our rooms’.

I don’t really pry anymore and just let them do their own thing. I go upstairs and they call to have me come down for dinner.

I walk downstairs and hear ‘MISH’ as I walk into the kitchen area. I look up and see this!

DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0015.JPG

It’s my FOUR year Anniversary of Oz! How adorable are they for remembering that and celebrating it for me?


They are adorable and wrote me little notes and drew themselves 🙂


We then had an amazing dinner.


They (and I) chowed down on ice cream sand whiches…from scratch people. (vegan fail)

DSC_0022.JPG DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0032.JPG

I ended not on such a great note with food…but I am getting there. It’s old habits people and it’s hard sometimes. I am not perfect, but you know what…being recognised and loved on is pretty damn amazing.

I may not be perfect, but I am lucky.


7 thoughts on “4 Years In Oz

  1. Suzi says:

    That was awesome! I’m so glad that they were able to let you feel how loved you are by them and all of us.

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