The Future of This Blog

Hey there,

It’s offically the end of my weekend. And I am FRAZZLED.

I am not meaning to bitch and moan…but….

  • 23 hours of class
  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur nights are all booked in my world
  • 10+ hrs of commuting per week
  • 1/2 marathon training

Means…that I need to blog less. I can’t read as much, blog as much, be as connected as I used to be. I have NO idea what this means for EatingJourney. I have shut it down twice, but I don’t want to shut it down. What I have to do is do what is right FOR ME. That’s right for the first time in my life…I am saying MY PLATE IF FULL and I don’t want anymore.

I am not leaving…I am just stepping back and letting whenever I feel like writing happen.

I will keep my Sweat Log updated..and you can follow my half-marathon training.

Space, Focus, Me…

Ever step back?


16 thoughts on “The Future of This Blog

  1. jen (@jeninRL) says:

    I love ya Mish! Step back from blogging if you need to do it ! Do what is RIGHT for YOU!! We will all be here when you get here – I feel the same way – we just cant do it ALL. We think we can but we can’t! It is OK to say NO. it is OK to take a break!

    Just remember you are NOT alone! We are in this together! I mean it – hit me up in emails – we will DO THIS TOGETHER!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!


  2. Ashley Solomon says:

    Mish – I just started reading your blog, so I’m sad that it won’t be as frequent. However, you have to do what’s most healthy for you! I believe that blogging, like any work, should be nourishing. And when it stops being that, you have to take a step back. You should be proud of yourself for making that decision and focusing on other things in your life. Good luck with everything!

  3. runningaroundnormal says:

    Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, and it doesn’t seem like you can cut much else out of your life right now! Blogging takes a crap ton of time, and you can always jump right back in!

  4. It All Changes says:

    Take time and figure out how many times you can blog. We will still be reading even if it is only 2 or 3 times a week. You content is amazing and worth waiting for.

  5. Sarah says:

    Mish, you do what’s best for you. I often go days without blogging, and this time around, it looks like you may need more than that. So take it (guilt free!).

  6. Foodie McBody says:

    Stepping back is fine and necessary. Blog when you can and when you want. It may be tomorrow, and it may be in in a month. Don’t sweat it, it’s all good. oxoxo

  7. seattlerunnergirl says:

    I’m so glad you’re not shutting it down. This blog is for YOU as much as (if not more than) it is for anyone else. If you can’t post but once a week, post once a week! Write when the spirit moves you, and know that your community here will understand and support you whether you’re posting daily, weekly, or whatever!

  8. Beth says:

    Yep. I pretty much abandoned my blog a couple of months ago because there aren’t enough hours in the day and something had to give.

    I have a husband, a house, a business, and 3 homeschooled kids. If anything was going to go, it was going to be the blog. I’m not saying I’ll never get back to blogging again, but for now posting will happen only when I have the time.

    I still read and comment because I like doing that. 🙂

  9. Mara Lapin says:

    Do what’s good for *you* and we’ll all be inspired by you!

    I stepped back from my last job, because I need(ed) to take care of my heart and soul. Best decision I ever made. Every day I grow towards a life that suits me better. I listen to what my body, heart and soul tell me. I let my mind stay quiet for a while.

    Powerful stuff!

  10. Julia says:

    I’ve stepped back MANY times. I have 30 days until my summer vacation is over and I am back to school. It’s going to be hell and I am going to be blogging less, shopping less, hanging out less, just generally trying to focus on what really matters. (Not that those things don’t matter – but in the scheme of things my education and my sanity prevail.)

    Take a break, we’ll be here to read your words and updates when you can/want.

    Take care of yourself and stay well.

  11. Miz says:

    you know I think this is a great idea.

    xo xo


    • Mish says:

      Isn’t it funny when we take the pressure off of certain areas of our lives it just flows. That is my goal w/ running.

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