Operation Beautiful Blitz On My Kids

I live with 20 kids.


Well, they’re not really kids, they’re university students from my alma mater and they are here for 18 weeks to study in Fremantle. I am the Director of Study Abroad, but really what it boils down to is long, informal chats about everything, wiping tears away, teaching them how to make food and really just being there for them.

I have 16 girls. They are beautiful, beginning their lives, dealing with being independent, autonomous women. They still haven’t lost their spirit 🙂


I have 4 boys they are learning how to navigate life as men, women and more importantly where they stand in who they are.

It’s an incredibly amazing place to be where I am. I feel like I am a guiding hand. Where I have influence in their life and I take my ‘job’ seriously, because each and every single one of them will NOT forget their time in Australia. Who they were, who they become.

That’s why I have decided to blitz their bathrooms with Operation Beautiful Love! (insert kangaroo joke…just for you Jack)


It’s not because I think they need it…we ALL need it!


Really, it’s their personalities that get me….no matter what they are…I hope they never lose them.


When I get stressed, I start to get nit-picky about who I am..and it’s not worth it.


So twenty notes went up, one for each of them, and you know what…I hope that they smiled. Cause I did when I wrote them.


That’s the beauty of the whole Operation Beautiful movement and it highlighted in the book that Caitlin is promoting. Her whole entire movement is inspiring, because it impacts EVERYONE who writes, reads and take those notes with them. It’s brilliant.


My 20 kids have been blitzed. I have done it before: 13,000 miles of it. I can say that I don’t do it enough, but when I do, it’s amazing.


Have you done an OB notes before? Ever found one?


4 thoughts on “Operation Beautiful Blitz On My Kids

  1. It All Changes says:

    I love Operation Beautiful. I did a huge spree when I picked up my book. And now when I go out I leave at least one.

    I went back to target today to pick up some things and one of my notes was still up 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    That is awesome! I left an Operation Beautiful note in my co-worker’s box today. I don’t know if she even saw it, but I smiled doing it.

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