I went out tonight.

I was open. Honest. Myself.


I got to thinking…why am I not ALWAYS this in the moment?

So I say to you…

Love yourself.
Every day.

Naked. Clothed. In PJs. Having wild crazy sex. When you’re snotty sick. When you’re cooking a mad dinner. When you’re going to the store with no make-up on and wet hair. When you’re praying. When you’re slogging out miles on the pavement/eliptical machines/swimming. When you’re talking with your kids.

Remember that inside of you is a spirit that wants to jump out. It’s scary. Enchanting.

STOP suffocating it. Let it shine, would ya’!

I don’t know what is happening inside of me….I can’t explain it….but I am ready to move at the crossroads in my life into a new venture. Cause I know that the path that I’ve ALWAYS taken is NOT what I want anymore.

Love yourself. Everyday.


How are you loving yourself today?


9 thoughts on “Crossroad….Lovingly

  1. It All Changes says:

    I’m loving myself by resting instead of forcing myself to the gym when I’m tired, sore and injured. No need to make myself feel bad when I can feel great relaxing on the couch with Hunni.

  2. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    Ah, Mish, you know you’re gorgeous, right?

    Today I’m loving myself by planning how I’m going to fit workouts – my sanity! – into a crazybusycrazy weekend. And tomorrow I’m loving myself by hanging out with my niece and nephews ALL. DAY. LONG. So excited!

  3. Sarah says:

    Today…I am breaking food rules to eat what I really enjoy.
    I am starting a new book.
    I am doing what I love.
    I am allowing myself to be vulnerable because maybe someone else needs a hug or a hand up, too.
    I might be putting off cleaning until tomorrow. Unless what I really need to do is physically clean to help me clean out myself.
    I am being honest.
    And I am going to get some sleep.

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