Sunday Thoughts: There Are Differences

I am not exactly sure what is happening in me…but let me try and flush it out for you.

I am on this intuitive eating journey. It’s great. It’s weird. It’s hard. It’s not ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced before.

It demands that I listen, honour, nurture, and respect myself.

But how do I do that when I have never ever honored my hunger signals before? I’ve always honored my point signals, the time on a clock and/or the emotional voices in my head.

How do I eat when I am honestly hungry and stop when I am full….when I don’t really know what that feels like?

I am panicking a little learning not to panic as much, because when you start on this intuitive eating journey and you don’t know hunger signals…the idea of packing as much food in ’cause you can’ races through your mind. For me, in my mouth. Everything is ‘fair game’.

Or is it?

I do think that all food is fair game. But…..only if… listening to your body, honouring your health, eating for the right reasons, and stopping when you’re content.

Content and not full?

I have been walking around this weekend and eating healthy food. Chia seeds, rice milk, you name it. I have been on the healthy food bandwagon.

BUT…I am still eating til I am FULL and not content. I am pushing beyond what my body is saying. I am STILL kicking the dieting mental games. When you’re dieting, you want to feel full. Cause you may not have any more calories/points left unless you run/workout/promise tomorrow you’ll take some down to cover what you’ve eaten today.

I want to bulk up, because emotionally I need to feel full.

The point is, is that there’s a difference between being content and full. Being hungry and mentally needy. Being intuitive and giving endless permission.

But I am here to say…bring them on. I am ready. I will never go down the road I’ve always taken….it’s never gotten me to where I want to be.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: There Are Differences

  1. It All Changes says:

    I’m toying with this idea. I’m eating intuitively throughout the day and then adding the points at the end to see how I did with my choices. I’m surprised that eating for my hunger is actually making me feel fuller than eating just by the points or clock.

  2. seattlerunnergirl says:

    Michelle, this is a great post. I have found that when I am emotionally FULL, I am okay with only eating until I’m CONTENT. But when I am emotionally less-than-full (lonely, needy, upset, angry, etc.) I have more of a tendency to fill that spot up with something else. Anyhow I know you are going to figure out how intuitive eating will work FOR YOU, because we’re all different. I just thought I’d share. šŸ™‚

  3. Beth says:

    Be patient with yourself. It takes time to relearn hungry and full and everythign in between. When I first started, full meant stuffed. Now it means satisfied.

    Yesterday we went shopping and by 3 PM I realized I hadn’t eaten much of anything all day and I was really hungry. We went to a fast food place and I wanted a cheeseburger, but I also wanted chicken rings and fries. So I ordered all three, the smallest size of each, and had what I wanted of each thing. It amounted to all of the burger, 3 chicken rings, and a few fries. At that point I was satisfied so I gave my remaining chicken to the husband and threw away the fries. In my dieting days I would have spent the rest of the day atoning for my food sins. Yesterday I enjoyed my food and that was that.

    But it took me a long time to get it. I don’t know about anyone else who has traveled this path, but for me it was a good two years of figuring myself out. Stumbling, doubting, dieting, and always coming back to eating intuitively because I knew it felt right. I knew it was what I needed. You will get there.

  4. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    I like what SRG wrote…being emotionally full has been the key for me and what’s funny is that I didn’t know what I was really hungry for until I started writing. Now, reading, writing and interacting about this very subject is what fills me up. It’s what gives my life meaning and makes me feel whole. It completes me hahahaha

    Anyway, remember the quote from WFG? About wanting the feeling that being allowed to have cookies gives you? Well, in this case maybe it’s sort of the same thing? You want to feel “allowed” to eat as much as you want…so give yourself that permission…and be okay with it.

  5. Jules - Big Girl Bombshell says:

    Your post explains emotional eating to a T…… It is to fill up and nurture that part of you that feels empty!

    The key for me, right now, is to find the ways to fill me up and nurture me that DON’T have to do with food!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!

  6. Martha McKinnon says:

    Great post. Keep up the intuitive eating exploration. It is so worth it. And just remember that for many of us learning to feed our bodies and nourish ourselves is a life long journey. Each day and each meal is an opportunity to get to know ourselves a little better.

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