I Am Weirder Than You Think

Today has just been a beautiful day. NO Joke!

I woke up and pounded this awesome smoothie!


2 frozen bananas, 1 TB chia seeds, 1 TB cocoa powder, 1/2 c. of strong brewed cold coffee, 1/2 c. rice milk, 6-7 drops of stevia! SO good!

I then looked through the photos that my kids took last night after our community dinner (chicken enchiladas–I had a salad)

DSC_0005.jpg DSC_0009.jpg

Who are these monsters?

DSC_0030.JPG DSC_0167.JPG

I got an award!


They are so weird..and I love them.


I went on a run as well. I couldn’t find my watch, it was super cold and I wanted to stay in bed. However, I got my ass out on the pavement. I have a new running method..gonna write about it later…but lets say that Ryan and BookieBoo were running with me today!


3miles/31 minutes/3:1 intervals

I then spoke with an old friend whom I haven’t spoken to and looked in my inbox over the comment that I made on this post from MizFit.

Bam. Smack. BangBoom. It hit me. I am still, a little, looking for validation outside of myself.

So today..I work on validating me. I don’t want to be perfect or loved by anyone other than me to feel complete. I want to love all my bits and celebrate all that life has for me.

For some reason, re-reading the comment made me realise how far I have come. How aware I am of who I am becoming and where I want to go in life. It’s crazy to think that I am headed mentally and spiritually in the way in which I want to go in life.

Ever have a moment when you realise that your just as weird as those people around you..and you don’t care?


If you don’t know…I am 97.65% vegan (occasional bites of ice cream and bites of meat if my kids are cooking things). I wrote about this on RealFitMama…so go check it out!

7 thoughts on “I Am Weirder Than You Think

  1. It All Changes says:

    I know I’m weird…AND PROUD OF IT! Who else will dance the MC Hammer dance while teaching sunday school even though her kids have no idea who Hammer is or do my job to begin with. Of course I’m weird but that makes me..me 🙂

  2. John says:

    Them being weird or not that must have been a great moment getting that award?!

    I make believe I’m not weird but I’m sure lots of people who know me think I am 🙂

  3. Mara says:

    You go, girl!

    I have lots of moments where I see myself being weird and different and many times I don’t care, but also lots of times I do care. I hope that this is a transition period from caring about what others think to not caring about what others think.

    Now I just don’t care what others think about my unemployment, vegetarianism, size, and caring for the earth. But I do sometimes care about people thinking I look or do weird. I’m just not like everyone else. I don’t want to chase that ideal image. I just want to be who I am.

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