1/2 Marry: Week 1: Reflecting Proudly

I can’t believe it…well I guess I kinda can…that I am DONE with ONE WEEK of 1/2 marathon training! How awesome is that?

I have been documenting my progress here. For a re-cap I completed this, this week (Monday, Day 1):

  • Sunday: 3 miles/30:40/3:1 intervals
  • Saturday: nothing
  • Friday: Swimming 1.1km
  • Thursday: Rest (was supposed to be Friday..opps)
  • Wednesday: 2.5miles/23:59/3:1 intervals..SO excited, less than 10 min/miles.
  • Tuesday: 3 miles/32 minutes/3:1 intervals
  • Monday: Strength
    • 20 push-ups on my knees, 25 lunges both legs, 25 plie squats–Morning warm-up
    • Three Times Through @ Gym
      • Bicep Curls @ 6kg x12
      • Shoulder Raises @ 6kg x12
      • Tricep Lifts @ 11.5kg x 12
      • Bench Press Machine @ 25kg x12
      • 100 crunches of my liking

It has been awesome to stick to something. My run on Sunday was AMAZING! From my Tuesday to Sunday run I shaved ONE-HALF MINUTES off of my time!

Photo on 2010-08-15 at 20.04 #2.jpg

That is me with one of my students. She almost couldn’t keep up with me. BOOYAH…I am kicking my student’s asses 🙂 It serves them right. What I have realised is that I need to re-adjust my schedule due to travel and how my weeks are with uni. So here’s the re-vised schedule!

revised 1:2.tiff
So yeah….bring it on friends. I am ready to just kick it into high gear. Colours mean different things.
  • Peach: Completed!
  • Green: Nursing Prac
  • Yellow: Finals
  • Teal: NEW ZEALAND! That’s right, I am most likely going to NZ to visit Mary and Kepa for Thanksgiving! How exciting is that?????
I am so proud of myself for sticking to the plan..mostly. I am sorting out what is going to work for me and I can tell you that the mashing of different programs is TOTALLY working for me.
So…tell me..re-cap something awesome from last week!

7 thoughts on “1/2 Marry: Week 1: Reflecting Proudly

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, week one DOWN! I am imagining how good that feels:-).
    My accomplishments…I think I’m moving toward LIVING life fully, I didn’t binge (despite the desire to), I was honest, and I exercised…but I DIDN’T have a plan in mind. And for me, that was a good thing last week.

  2. amandapanda1981 says:

    I will be in Australia and New Zealand for Christmas and New Years via cruise ship!! I am pretty excited to go to OZ and New Zealand. BTW, great job sticking to your plan. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul says:

    Congrats on completing the first week. Beginnings are always the hardest and you’re rocking it!

    Um, something awesome from last week… well, I finally transfered my blog to self-hosted WordPress, which was majorly anxiety inducing but hopefully worth it in the end. I survived so far!

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