But I HATE(d) to Exercise

I just wanted to write a quick little post about how exercise and I are changing our relationship.

I used to run so I could eat more points. Punish myself for a binge. ‘Get Thin’. I NEVER really enjoyed exercise because I felt like punishment and/or a HAVE TO if you want to lose weight.

I have rarely enjoyed exercise for exercise sake. I would steer away from the exercise class because I couldn’t do it perfectly. I never wanted to run more than 3 miles, because I didn’t think that I could do it.

Then I started this crazy 1/2 marathon. Arguably in the beginning to lose weight. But as I am learning, tracking more and more miles that weight actually becomes less important. I want to run faster, beat my times, go longer, get my stride better. My focus has shifted from weight to performance.

This morning I got my arse out on the pavement and ran. 2.5 mile run and I was averaging less than 9 min/miles then I got intense stomach pains. I didn’t get defeated. I listened to my body and took a 4 min walking break. Then ran home. Frustrated.

But, I LOVED the way I felt when I was running. I looked at myself in the mirror and it didn’t look like this post-binge woman plodding along. It looked like a run.

Yesterday I tried Zumba. Oh My Heavens! IN LOVE.

Seriously you get to jirate in class and sex-up the dance floor and sweat? I was COVERED. I thought to myself, that was awesome and I had a great time. There were moments when I was totally frustrated, but I just let go of the perfection and it was a blast.

It’s weird, because I am starting to have fun and see the payoff of the training that I have been doing. I guess part of the journey in life is not only about food, but it’s finding pleasure in moving your body in the ways that it can.

What exercise do you enjoy now that you haven’t before?


10 thoughts on “But I HATE(d) to Exercise

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Mish, Thanks for sharing, I’m really enjoying your posts. Isn’t Zumba great – I have been to 2 classes and am hooked!
    Enjoy, Amanda.

  2. Miz says:

    your smile.

    hmmm, and the exercise piece?

    I need to get out there and try some NEW!

    when the child is in kindergarten πŸ™‚

  3. amandapanda1981 says:

    I still have yet to try ZUMBA but have heard so much great things about it. I use to always hate to run. I was in the US army before and of course was forced to run and I think that was partly the reason. However, I run all the time (a little too much due to my compulsive behavior) but for the most part I do enjoy it. I also got out of my box and tried boxing/kickboxing and totally fell in love with those classes

  4. Tina says:

    What an awesome revelation! And its so much more fun too to enjoy exercise for what it does to your body and seeing ways you can physically challenge yourself for progress in ways not related to body image. Such a confidence booster. πŸ™‚

  5. Skinny Sushi says:

    Mostly I do workouts from Exercise TV On Demand, so I try to mix it up a lot. This week I tried the Back 2 Bollywood Indian dance workout, and I LOVE it!!! It is so much fun, I’m covered with sweat at the end, and since my arms are up most of the time I think it will help shape them too.

  6. Hope says:

    OMG, I love love love Zumba! I can’t believe I waited so long to try it! It’s like exercise crack, and its so nice to be able to take a workout class that’s fun! πŸ™‚ It pretty much makes my week.

  7. heather says:

    hey Mish,

    i’ve been a LONG time reader and sometimes poster, but i just had to take a moment to tell you that you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. i’ve seen the heavier pics, and even then you were a knock-out. You also have an amazing spirt and i’m truely in awe of you. i’ve gone from 312lbs to 200lbs and have been maintaining for over a year. i still want to lose so i know how hard it is. i love how open and honest you are in your journal…thank you for all that is you!


  8. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    I love your photos! And I also adore Zumba – I haven’t been able to go in a while and I miss it! I also love running. I luuuurrve jumping on the trampoline with my niece and nephews. I enjoy how STRONG weight lifting makes me feel. (Kind of badass, actually.) Basically I pretty much love exercise in almost all forms. But only NOW that I do it for how it makes me FEEL, instead of because of weight-related reasons.

  9. Ashley Solomon says:

    I recently told my mom in a phone conversation that after many, many years of running, I actually started to enjoy it this summer. It’s like a whole new world opened up. How satisfying it is to move toward loving what we do.

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