It’s been almost 3 years

I used to blog fact..I used to blog a lot.

Then I took a step back, and haven’t really blogged all that much (haphazardly and most recently here). I have flitted around and about different blogs, different places, etc. I thought about erasing ‘Eating Journey’, but I decided to just keep it hidden on my WordPress dashboard, like the other blogs that I have opened up in the past three years.

Then I decided..why not? Why not ‘go back’ to EatingJourney. I have beat around the bush at other blogs and spaces about the exact thing…eating…and my journey. I have changed in the past three years, and upon re-reading some of my entries I haven’t changed at all. There are still areas of my life that I have to change, there are areas of my life that have changed.

So, I thought I’d just pop in and say ‘Hello!’. It’s been three years, but it feels really weirdly, oddly, appropriately nice to be back. I have no idea what I’m gonna focus on, or how it’s gonna go, but I guess I’ve dusted off the shelves and opened the curtains.

Have you ever re-visited things that you’ve ‘shelved in your life’? Romance? Work? Fitness? Weight-loss? Hobbies?


11 thoughts on “It’s been almost 3 years

    • Mish says:

      HEY!!! I have NOOO idea what possesed me..TONIGHT (blame it on post-night-shift-hangover) or maybe a convo with a friend to ‘do what feels right’ (as you’re doing with listening to your body)..but it felt right. So, I guess it’s part of the journey. Kinda like re-kindling an old flame?

  1. Gina Preston says:

    Welcome back! I keep pondering re-opening my blog but all I’d write about is cycling and running and that would bore people. Although I think sometimes blogs end up eeking stuff out of us so who knows what would end up being written. I always liked this one so I’m glad you have returned to it. Although it’s a bit odd seeing what looks like my cat curled up asleep on YOUR blog. Send her home!

    • Mish says:

      Maybe we’ve cloned your cat some how. To be totally honest, I think that I got scared three years ago..and I needed to just take a break. Live a little. Sometimes, coming back to things isn’t always such a bad thing. The irony, perhaps, is that I fooled myself into thinking I could find ‘it’ somewhere else..and I couldn’t. We’ll see. I love seeing you on FB gallivanting around England. I will visit one day.

  2. sarah says:

    I have actually thought about sending you a message many times, asking you to go back to this blog. I can’t help it – I have a soft spot for this blog because it’s how I found you! (Awwww)

    • Mish says:

      You should have knocked sense in me long ago…but honestly I probably wouldn’t have been able to wrap my head around it. I’m glad we found each other here 🙂

    • Mish says:

      I totally get that. Maybe it’s (ironically) part of this crazy journey called life? Or, at least that’s what I blame it on 🙂

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