3 things that keep me on the ‘straight and narrow’ when I’m feeling tired, scattered, and carb-crazy

I am on the last of four weeks of night shifts. The thing about doing consistent night shifts is that I really struggle to get back into a normal sleeping pattern. After forcing myself into getting back into a normal sleeping pattern the first week of nights..I thought..why bother? Just stay up later than normal during your days off so that you don’t screw even more with sleeping. Hence why I’m blogging at 1am my time and sleeping in until 11am in the morning. Nights are weird.

Here are the “3 things that keep me on the ‘straight and narrow’ when I’m feeling tired, scattered, and carb-crazy”

  1. Water (duh!) BUT, it’s easy to fall onto the Coke 0 and Coffee bandwagon
  2. Protein (Paleo-ish). Miz and I were talking about this today. Protein is what I really need (and water) when I’m feeling vulnerable to the munchies, binges, and carbs. Carbs aren’t evil…8 cream filled biscuits never make me feel good.
  3. Exercise (double-duh!) but it’s harder than it seems for some.

I have discussed exercise before. When I was crash-dieting I was running 10km+ a day to try and get the weight off. I have used exercise so horribly and as punishment for a long time..that I have had to take breaks from it..because I haven’t got my head around it’s true benefits.


Exercise clears my head.
It erases negative thoughts.
It helps me sleep better.
It gives me energy.


I joined a gym here and was unmotivated after about 2 weeks of having to pack my bag, change in a huge sticky change room, stand on tile I didn’t when it last got peed on, and share squished-in space during the packed BodyPump classes. Also, watching people doing squats incorrectly made me cringe, because I’m very distractible and want to help them with their form.

Then I heard about FitnessGlo from Katy. Life.changer.


I LOVE FITNESSGLO. If you have seen any of my Intstagram feeds..you know that I work out at weird times, in mis-matched outfits, scream when it burns (well you wouldn’t know that because there’s not sound on instagram unless I filmed it..oh nevermind) and I sweat A LOT!!!! I’m SO in love with the cardio interval style classes!


Most recently I’m addicted to the Barre classes. Seriously, no weights..and I was dripping sweat!


I think that you MUST find something that you love. I don’t care what it is (Pilates, yoga, hiking, Crossfit, walking, running 100miles) but this SO suits me and my life.

It’s really helped me heal a lot of wounds with exercise and it shows me, more importantly, that I can and have found something that I like. I keeps me entertained, it’s changing and I have my cats as spectators..what more could you ask for?

What do you like to do for exercise? Have you ever had to take a break and repair your relationship with exercise? What are your foundational ‘must haves’ to keep yourself on the ‘straight and narrow’?


FitnessGlo have no idea who I am. I’m just a random American girl in Australia with 2 cats, 3 chickens and a Fiance who is doing a great job loading the dishwasher.

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