How to be a Successful Superhero

I was looking through some blogs that I randomly stumbled upon and I came across this very CUTE idea for a SuperHero themed kids party.


I ended up sharing this with one of my friends who has two boys..who are ALL boy (not to say that girls couldn’t have this party). She loved it. I was looking through her new adventures in life and she has become a weight-loss coach, of sorts. I visited her website and there were photos of herself, family and friends who have lost weight. Which I think is awesome because I know that it’s had a very positive impact on everyone that she meets..and I KNOW that it comes from a deep place of love and not money and/or fame.

….but who are we being successes for?

It made me think a lot about the idea of maintenance and motivation in life. I’m SO gonna admit that with all the wedding planning stuff, I have had to really deal with the instance fame of wanting to lose a lot of weight and look like the gorgeous Pinterest brides that I’ve thrown all over my ‘wedding dresses‘ pin board. Turning 30 and realising that in a couple of years I could have impressionable toddlers who are looking at me, before words are present, to define how they think of themselves, interact with the world and food…is scary.

….so what is a success anyways?

I woke up this morning and thought to myself “be your own success story!


I’m not 100% sure that any one thing defines any one person as a success. I believe it must be a holistic journey that comes from the roots of your being which catapults you in a direction that is different, uniquely individual, motivated by pure unadulterated personal decisions. We can be a lot of things for other people, for outside ideals, etc.


Success is a daily decision-making, over and over again, rooted in a personal belief. I have been defined by success outside of myself (2 masters, weight-loss, half-marathons, number of page views, etc)…however something has changed in me. Something about the notion that when all the external success markers are stripped away, we have to be living a life of success that is more simple and yet more grand that anything people can but a tangible finger on. I think it’s a soul thing.

Be your own success story!

what are you most proud of? how you have re-defined ‘success’ for yourself?


andrew saw this post and said that you had to have special powers. like the ones from Star Wars…that is also a method you can take with life as well.

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