Sunday Sesh

Sunday Sessions…the good ole’ relax Sunday arvo (afternoon) of sun, champagne, and catching-up with good friends.

So…Sunday Sesh here is kinda like kickin’ it at the local pub spreadin’ the goss of good posts I’ve come across. Pop open the champagne, put on your sunnies, and relax šŸ™‚


A Toe in the Water” ~The Parker Five // Mother of a Sandy Hook victim, this blog and post discusses her life after her daughter died. I love every single post by her and her husband.

Journey to Guatemala: A Day in Seoguis” ~Peas and Thank You // Documenting an aspect of their trip to Guatemala

The Lies I Say and What Is True” ~Naptime Diaries // Discussing body image, weight, and faith

It’s like SANTA For Your Vag” ~MizFit // Love it.

The Last 40%, and ode to an unfinished marriage” ~Naptime Diaries // I just really respect and love this post. I think, all of us, can relate to this post for any type of relationship that we have.

Superhero Birthday Party” ~Meg & The Martin Men // I just love this idea, it’s clever and fun.

Sex Everyday for a Year” ~Brittany, Herself // It’s more than the title and I think it brings up REALLY important issues of women, body image, and intimacy.

Baby’s First Year: Losing Myself to Motherhood” ~According to Lara // Love this woman and her reflection of being a mother and what it’s meant to her.


So who’s ordering the bowl of chips?

Which blogs would you tell your friends about over coffee or a glass of champagne?


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