Virtual Coffee Date: don’t shave you’re cat like I did

Grab whatever cuppa you’d like…I’ve got my strong hazelnut coffee with a splash of lactose free milk. Ready?

Thank goodness my night shift stints are over. Something happened to me…I became a vampire zombie. In my crazed over sleep deprived haze, I found fleas on our gorgeous MaineCoon.


I FREAKED out and shaved him, thinking that somehow shaving would give the fleas less place to roam? No, Michelle, just put flea ointment on. Anyways, God bless this poor cat. (he’s doing fine, he’s not freezing to death. I told the vet and he laughed out loud uncontrollably. he assured me he’d be fine. I have immense guilt.)


I woke up this morning feeling more alive then I’ve felt in probably a month. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone back 80/20 Paleo…because I find that I function best on that. I am not going to be a crazy label reader, I just want real food. Like this AMAZING steak salad. And chocolate, sometimes.


I have been fostering for two local rescue organisations. I have have a complete ‘i suck at fostering’ moment earlier this week, cause this poor button was SO unsettled. He’s finding his groove, namely by sleeping under our bed. Dexter, he’s lovely. Sweet boy. I’m loving fostering. It appeases my desire to have babies 🙂

DSC_0041(he’s available for adoption here)

I made this awesome slowcooker spice rubbed chicken and all I added was kumquats. Andrew got me this awesome book, The Complete Slow Cooker, on a whim and I’ve made a lot of recipes out of it. I’m the woman at the store who gets the ‘on sale’ meat and then freezes it for slow cooker meals. Have you ever baked with kumquats? They’re awesome.


I’d also tell you that we’ve been featured on eharmonyAustralia’s success page. HOW COOL IS THAT? (if the link still says that I was in America when we met, they’re changing it). I NEVER thought I’d actually find love online, but I did! Andrew isn’t overly excited about being public about it, but I think that sharing encourages people to perhaps break out of their comfort zones and try to find love..or at least date.


I should write blog posts about dating…oh my heavens. So many stories. So many lessons.

My NEWEST obsession…beyond ‘The Newsroom’…and it’s ALL Rachel’s fault! She put up a post on her FB wall about ‘Orange is the New Black‘, I went and watched the trailer. Then realised that we don’t get Netflix here, cried myself to sleep..then bought the book. I’m hooked.


I’d tell you that I’d nice to be blogging back here. I think that my thoughts and life has changed, obviously cause it’s been three years. But I’m happy here. It’s been so nice to rekindle some blog romances with bloggers who I’ve lost touch with. There are some really amazing bloggers out there. People who keep me on my toes.

Ok, are you? How’s life? What’s goin’ on?


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