To My 8 Year Old Niece, On Your Birthday

I remember when little miss K was born. She was the first in our family to bring in the new generation. She brought so much energy to our family.


She’s a strong, independent, organised, perfectionist, kind-hearted little girl. Perhaps it’s in the genes?


It’s been amazing to watch her grow. Develop. Learn Spanish (she’s going to a bi-lingual school). To find her own feet.


She’s had amazing parents who have raised her with morals, faith, and a very hard work ethic.


She’s a country kid, but I imagine that she’s got big things for her. And I think about her, because at 8, I feel that it begins the ‘opening of new doors’. The ones here the tests of the parental foundation begin. Where new ideas, thoughts, opinions and worldly views begin to seep in. Where the doubts about and focus on appearance can start. The need to be perfect. The need to excel. To make sure that people ‘like you’. The testing of foundational beliefs about worth. Big conversations about life stuff get asked over dinner, in the car..and her parents will have to wrestle with the best and most appropriate response.


I thought about what to get her for her 8th birthday. I had bought stuff at the store (finger nail polish, hair clips, an Australian Koala snap bracelet). Then I thought to myself..I want to give her something more. Something that I think an 8 year old girl should have engrained in her heart, because she’s beginning to really understand what it means. So I bought her this print. 

IMG_3908i tried to save image from website, but couldn’t. excuse photo of computer screen.

I just think…get that into your heart girl. Get it so deep and across every single fiber of your heart and NEVER let it go. You, we, are ALL beautifully and wonderfully made.


I’m so excited for her to have this in her room. For her to stare at it, for conversations to be had around it, for her to see it in passing everyday.

Happy Birthday lovely. Know that you’re a beautiful girl and we’re so proud of you!


naptimediaries have no idea that I even wrote this post. I’m just a sappy quasi-Aunt (actually 2nd cousin to K) and wanted her to have this because I wish I had this when I was 8.

K’s birthday is actually in September, but because I have to be organised living in Australia I purchased it already. I like to be early with these things.

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