Sunday Sesh

This Sunday has come so quickly. Lots of big stuff this week for me, but I slept in today and am loving the fact that I did.

Here are some blog posts this week that I enjoyed

10 reasons to put down your morning latte…and pickup a delicious alternative!” ~Gala Darling

Blueberry Rhubarb Granita” ~Stupid Easy Paleo

The Trouble with Cliques” ~Katy Widrick I love this post.

Can We Stop with the Skinny Shaming Already?” ~The Militant Baker

Here is Good To” ~Enjoying the Small Things I adore this post. It’s true from beginning to end.

Thoughts on Paleo Diet, Bobby’s World and Chamelon Cold Brew” ~Geek Turned Athlete

Saying Goodbye” ~Peas and Thank You One of my most favourite bloggers has taken her final bow. 😦

The Formula For Success” ~The Militant Baker

Julia in a Dress Such an interesting year-long journey


Enjoy reading!





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