Blame It On The Pink Lipstick

My birthday is coming up in September.

The BIG 3-0. erk!

I got sucked into The Body Shop two nights ago and bought this amazing Bath Milk and this amazing scrub. Seriously, slip into the tub like Cleopatra..and that’s no joke.



I added the mask, which I’ve had for awhile, for a completely spoiling session.


While I was there, I had asked about having someone do my make-up. I haven’t had my make-up doing since I was about 15 years old…so half of my life ago (lets not be too mello-dramatic people!) I went in with what I normally wear. Lotion, mascara. That’s it.


I said, ‘I want something that is feminine but a tinge edgy.’ She did up my face with the most feminine and girly base and did my eyes up with liquid liner and a gold and purple concoction. I loved the base, the eyes were a bit much for a just a day wear. I’m simple people.


Then I said..I want THAT lipstick! The hottest pink one I could find. I don’t normally wear lipstick, but I love it.



It’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t know if it means that I’m re-defining myself..or perhaps figuring out what gives me that little extra ‘kick in the pants’. In some ways knowing that I’m turning 30, getting married, weighing the prospect of having children in the near future (after we’re married people) stirs up the deep sentiment of self-reflecting, self-discovery and finding my bold.

I’m working on some stuff that I’ll share in this week…some stuff to focus on the ‘pink lipstick’ of our lives. Bold. Fun. Life Giving.

Did you have a ‘bold’ shift when you graduate to a new age or decade?



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