Come On

I thought to myself the other day “come on Michelle, you’ve got to get a new purse…you’ve had this other one for over two years, the ends are frayed and you need one bigger for your camera to slide into” So I went bold, kinda like my lipstick, and got this bad boy!


Yesterday…dare I say…but it feels as though Spring is arriving. Thank you Earth! Because I do love Australians, but I have to say they are no good for Winter. They are summer, long lazy afternoons on hot days, at the beach, etc. They don’t do well indoors. They need sun. I have felt kinda like my cat this winter…lazy, sleepy and perhaps adding a bit of extra around the hips. She gets called cute when she puts some winter sweaters on..why not I? 😉

I put my Fitbit back on yesterday (thank you Kenlie and Roni) and wore it. I had 8900 steps when I got home. Walked up to Andrew (who is NOT someone who’d exercise if it was their free will) and asked him to come along with me for a short little walk. It took some convincing but he gave him.

IMG_4036he wanted to take the ‘short cut’…why not?

As we were on our way home he actually said “I’ll do this more often with you!” WOOT!!!! It’s nice to have a partner in crime for a walk.

We’ve been fostering cats for two (SWAR and SAFE) local agencies. Dexter is a 3 year old male cat that we got from another foster carer and I tell ya, within the first four days I thought I was failing as a foster mum. He was meowing around the house, wasn’t settled, wouldn’t sleep. It was awful. I finally picked him up and just sat with him for over a hour and he settled. We’ve graduated him to being both an indoor and outdoor cat and that has helped a lot as well.


But last night..was HUGE! I was sitting on the couch, pretty much falling asleep, and he was walking around the house “Come on Dexter, come here”. He looked at me, jumped up, sat down and started purring.


HUGE PEOPLE! MASSIVE! We sat and cuddled…I fell asleep (I’m becoming an old lady!)


Crawled into bed at 8:30…yes you read that right…8:30. Can I get a high-five? I think there will be more cat cuddle sessions and fiance after-work walks in the future. That would be a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Come On

    • Mish says:

      Hey! I bought mine in the states, I think it was 100.00. Just the basic version, nothing flash. I haven’t worn it for awhile, but exactly like you…to increase and be mindful of sitting on my arse. I have to say, I’m totally impressed. It’s so easy to use, is discreet, etc. you can also wear it was a wristband at night to see how well you sleep. I’ve washed mine four times and its still ticking along 🙂

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