Sunday Sesh

Hope that you’ve had a good week. I ended up working two shifts yesterday … so I’m recovering from that. There’s been lots of interesting stuff this week (although to be honest I always find things interesting…even if I don’t agree with everything…it’s good to have perspective..right?)

Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry maybe inside your stomach” ~the verge I know from my own personal experience that gluten makes me emotional, tired and needy. So, I’d have to agree with aspects of this. food has to be looked at when looking at mental states as part of a holistic treatment program.

20 things. and wear” ~The Wiegands #20..that one.

What Ethiopia taught me” ~Jenna@ELR

How I lost 70lbs in 30 Days” ~Roni the evils of people stealing one’s success and re-branding. fascinating. she’s taken the bull by the horn, good on her.

Adulthood you’re not doing it right” ~Brittany Herself yes.yes.yes.

What’s your brand saying?” ~MizFit

My Running Shoes” ~TheParkerFive piece from Alisa Parker…the mother of a Sandyhook Kindergartner killed.

An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients” ~Fairy Angel

12 Things your daughter needs you to say” ~Chatting at the Sky




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